How the West Cornered Turkey and Russia in Syria

Cornered Russia Department

Interesting remarks from El Murid. Not finished, as usual. But he knows what he writes. According to his text we have few week break in events till another Big Boom!

Erdogan in the corner
From: El Murid, 10-Feb-2016 03:53 am

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The Turkish ultimatum to the USA to choose between Turkey and terrorist (from the Turkish point of view) Kurdish party of Dem Union States after a pause was replied that the US did not believe DU are terrorists. The Turks is not the first and not the last which was “thrown out” by the United States. In general, the idea of partnership with America in principle is a symptom of lobotomy(…)

Davutoglu’s promise today about “residents of Aleppo” shows that the Turks perceive the blockade of the city from the North as a “red line”, for which they will have to take independent steps. With US or without them – it doesn’t matter.

The States very well understands that the Turks are faced with the need to make efforts – and therefore does not see any sense to push them to direct solutions. For what a reason – when Erdogan will enter his troops at any rate. Hence the Turk is “their gambler” (orig. kidok). Offensive and insulting to Ankara. But she swallows it: to go, in general nowhere.

Having noted that Turkey was in a desperate situation, they have been incited by Germans even yet. Merkel today decided to use very harsh words concerning the Russian bombings. However, the goal is not so much the Russian, but much more Turkish. Merkel also pushes Erdogan for direct invasion, indicating that Germany understand and even indicated an acceptable reason – for it will sharply increase flow of refugees into Turkish territory.

In fact, all pushes Erdogan today into a war without offering him help or participation – only understanding and compassion. Knowing that he had nowhere to go.

The purpose of all this juggling – are not Syria and even not Aleppo. The West needs to confront Turkey with Russia and in relatively safe format for all – on Syrian territory. That would automatically eliminate the broadening the conflict and limit the contingent which Russia has today in Syria.

The defeat of Russia in Syria is the goal and the current task of the West. After this whole bunch of different possibilities and scenarios will be opening in full objectivity of Russia. In such case it would be possible to undertake simultaneously all the blows from outside and inside of Russia, pushing up the case to ultimatum which will follow inevitably. What will it be – depends on the extent of damage and possible reshuffles in the leadership of Russia. That is not the most important thing now, it is now important – to put Erdogan on, but to be kept away.

The situation is such that the calculations can go on for days or weeks. In fact, very much depends on the decision of Erdogan so in the result there appears a paradox – the more matters with the “umyeriennyh” rebels (moderate rebels, verb. deadening rebels) are worse, the more likely is the enter of Turkey into the conflict. But because right now the West presses harder on Turkey and Erdogan personally – come on, what are you waiting for! The Turkish President has found himself in the corner and he needs urgently to get out of it.


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