Girlish Palpatine, Schizophrenic Loony Or Kakoy To Chert?

German Hydra Department

It is hard to understand Merkel why she spit on Putin and Russia, unless one tries to look deeper into the person.

The victim of blackmail
From: News Front, 09 January 2016, 16:29, by Evgeny Shestakov

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When at stake is the post of Chancellor, the head of the German government was prepared to accept anything: to call black white and white black. The visit of Angela Merkel to Turkey was another proof of the serious panic that prevails in the Berlin offices. More recently, the leader of all ratings, after the start of the refugee crisis, the Chancellor is rapidly losing, as electoral support inside the country and leadership in the European Union. (…)

Germany caved in under the Turkey. At the same time — under the U.S.
From: Svobodnaya Pressa, February 9, 12:38, by Anna Shafran

(…) Merkel arrived in Ankara and began loudly to condemn the “Russian bombing of civilians” in Aleppo. Before that, the “civilians” were tearfully regretted by Kerry and British. Although it is clear that these “civilians” are terrorists. The Syrian Arab Army is successfully fighting them with support of Iran and Russia. To all it is also clear that it is not about the simple terrorists but about ISIS. And finally, “the secret” — oil gesheft deals of Turkey and ISIS in the hands of Erdogan’s son.

“Civilians” is one of the common arguments. Although we still remember how the US destroyed those (and these!) civilians in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and before that in Vietnam. Generally, “humanitarian operations” invading without declaring war, were invented by Americans. About that Germans generally keep silent, Yes. (…)

Someone Must Recall Something to Frau Merkel
and other German M***f***ers… (from 1:03)

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K: How long the hag called Frau Merkel will lead Germany? The question is baseless as Mrs. Merkel is the US “asset” and Germany as a whole an American colony in Europe. Whatever anyone writes and if it does not boil down to the theses it’ll be lies.

The EU should seek help from Russia, and not to bow to Ankara. Tagesspiegel, Germany
From: News Front, 08 January 2016, 13:46
Angela Merkel meets with Turkish leadership for the third time since the beginning of the year, and progress in resolving the refugee crisis is still unnoticed. Neither the Chancellor nor the Turkish government can not solve the Syrian conflict, it is therefore possible that Europe long ago should be negotiating not with Erdogan and Davutoglu, and with Vladimir Putin, says German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. (…)

Merkel in “horror”. That’s just from that?
From: News Front, 08 February 2016, 20:23
German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that she was horrified “what the suffering of tens of thousands of people brought the bombing, primarily from Russia”. (…)

“Horror” Merkel is clearly inspired by Erdogan. Andrew Carvers
From: News Front, 09 February 2016, 08:30
“Merkel plays their own game, and the one in which she was told”. So experts extremely anti-Russian statement of the German Chancellor, have joined the chorus accusing the Russian air force “bombing civilians”. The foreign Ministry States that “a campaign to distort the role of Russia in the Syrian settlement was involved and the UN Secretary-General”. (…)

The answer is Angela Merkel from Damascus
From: News Front, 09 February 2016, 18:53
Frau Chancellor cashed in my sadness
“In the last days we were not shocked, we’re horrified by the suffering of tens of thousands of civilians in the bombing raids, primarily on the part of Russia,” with a slight tear stated the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday in Ankara. The day before with the same accusation was made by the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan: “Russia continues to kill people in Syria.” Earlier US Secretary of state John Kerry, according to the tradition of not presenting any evidence, said that the Russian VKS use unguided bombs that drop exclusively peaceful neighborhoods, killing women and children. (…)

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