Frankly, Need I Do It?


Few banned me, few are diehard Russians, it is up to 200%. And kinky so much, anything in English they avoid like Western plague, even Yandex translation (from English to Russian) is beyond their strengths. From few I banned myself, righteously.

Translating is a lot of work, even on my misspelled level. Having 13-30 viewers and 20-70 hits means “something” but it does not satisfy me. Those results are multiplying and I did achieve them for one and a half month. Noise level. Most of the hits come from google search hits. The other part from other search services and specialized firms keeping tracks of who, what, when, about him etc are doing in the Net.

I’ll try to go on with the blog for the time being but without help of readers, who could shared my address with others interested in Russian topics, I will cease to do that. Yes, I’m disappointed.


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