“Russia’s War Crimes in Syria” – Spat Out Merkel the Hag

Merkel the Hag’s Lies Department

She should be crawled a bit lately… Russian oligarchs too, decidedly!

War crimes
From: El Murid, 8-Feb-2016 04:52 pm

(Click to enlarge) Hände Hoch, Frau! With compliments. We’ll force German politicians to recall who won May 9th.

Merkel has accused Russia of civilian suffering in Syria by bombing. In general, just one step ahead of charges for war crimes, but who’s commander-in-chief in Russia we know who.

The script “Pro Milosevic” unwinds on, not one iota departing from the previous version. Milosevic was needed for the signing of the Dayton accords, after which the need to maintain politeness against him was gone.

Putin is being rebuffed through the same way, almost after the same rake. You can call our enemies as “partners” however long and whatever many times you want – they will never cease to be enemies. The problem is that the Kremlin really hope that this is all just a temporary misunderstanding, and a little more – and our nomenclature, having scolded, again will be taken into friendly civilized family of cannibals. We’re just like you – just hate the Russian people, but the thing is, our rulers are still perplexed. Yes, it’s apparent, that for the West they remained Russian-barbarians, as if these guys weren’t trying to become common people. In the end, they are neither these nor those, as not fitting they flounder between.

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