Kissinger Was Named Kiss in Short, A Kiss of Death?

Russia in Cesspool Department

Was it the Kissinger’s journey, for spoils of “privatization”?

About the last meeting of Putin and Kissinger
From: Eduard Communist, February 6th, 7:35

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February the 3d was another round of meetings between President Putin and the current USA GosSecretary. I didn’t write about it so long as I did not know the details of their conversations. Some of the details I learned now, and some were promised to convey me later. But before to write about them, about what I learned, I would like to focus on the personality of Kissinger, who will be 93 in May.

Immediately rejects the official version, that Kiss allegedly, as he is called, came to Moscow with personal matters. Such a high guest will not come in a personal capacity. Henry Alfred Kissinger was was named at birth Heinz Alfred Kissinger and comes from a Jewish family who emigrated to USA in 1938. The Kiss alone is a member of Bilderberg Club. The Bilderberg Club is also called one of the branches of the World government. Now, Kissinger was sent to Moscow not by the US specifically, but the real masters of the world. And they are not the clowns like Obama with Merkel and Hollande but the world’s Jewish (and others) oligarchy. Which steers global processes and in whose interest wars are waged. It appears he was sent to discuss, from what is known, the following topics:

1. A major theme was the privatization of state enterprises which bring profitable budget announced by the Kremlin regime. Now, the privatization of profitable GosEnterprises will occur in the interests of Kiss (Kassander: nomen omen! the Kiss of Death!). To be precise, whose interests he represents. This is why the government is in a hurry to sell off cheaply the remnants of the state property. And now, Pieskov had welcomed the participation of foreigners in privatization.

2. The second theme, according to some, was to discuss security assurances to Putin, if he retired. That is Kremlin requested that from Kiss to give him such guarantees – he was not prosecuted after the retirement and send to “his Hague”. Then he is ready to resign tomorrow, appointing the man who would be approved by those forces behind whose interests stays Kiss. But naturally, such guarantees Kissinger didn’t give but promised to think about it.

I am sure that Putin’s conversation with Kissinger was not limited to the discussions on the two topics only. Probably they also spoke about Syria and Donbass. Kremlin still needs time to hand over Syria and Donbass before presidential elections in the United States. Kremlin is not against especially. The more so the “peace plan” for Syria is Kissinger’s plan, which is being implemented now. It’s just needs to save Kremlin’s face. So it does not look like betrayal, but looked as their next victory. I can not say exactly whether they did discuss those topics or not. Maybe they discussed those and others. So treat those issues for a while as my assumptions until more information becomes available.

Another interesting thing. Kiss in February-March 2014 hinted Putin to take Crimea (in order he fell into trap). To which he naturally agreed. I remember also that it was he who has forced Putin to disarm Assad, to take him chemical weapons. This answers the question of how much influential is Kremlin’s curator Henry Kissinger. So I repeat once again. It’s no coincidence that he every year came, and comes, to give new instructions and assignments to his charges.


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