How Official Russian Press Sells Out Russia

Russian Presstitutes Department

Under the guise of “balanced” article TASS spread softly pro-liberal junk. I do not want to rant that TPP was “forced on” agreement, protecting American corporations and de facto pseudo-international economic accord. What for? You know the goals of the TPP “partnership” aka new slavery and “legal” umbrella for the US economic domination over the globe.

BTW. Russia and China were not invited not for the other “economic and political reasons” (read the text in full). Those two countries were known to the US which will not allow themselves to be enslaved, in other words the two states were only “the rotten two” which were not corrupted by the US government. I hope not only “yet”.

How should Russia respond to creation of Trans-Pacific Partnership?
From: TASS, February 06, 23:46

(Click to enlarge)

MOSCOW, February 6. /TASS/. Even if Russia had been invited to participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), to which it reacted with restraint, it would not have joined anyway – for economic and political reasons, according to experts. The conditions of the Partnership do not satisfy the Russians, and even more so, China. However, Moscow’s best strategy would be to use the TPP’s experience, including the implementation of integration projects with Russia, experts said. (…)

The fact that two significant Pacific Rim economies – China and Russia – have not been invited to participate in the negotiations on the TPP, is often seen as the basis for blaming the project for secrecy and confrontation.


“To some extent this agreement is a reaction to the strengthening of China’s positions, but only in part,” Higher School of Economics professor Vladimir Zuev told TASS. “What’s important is that the agreement is against the trade restrictions that have not been discussed before. This includes non-tariff barriers, protecting intellectual property rights. In this sense, the agreement is innovative,” he added.


The agreement on the TPP is “not against us, but in favor of different international trade principles.” “We are not going to join it yet, because so far it does not satisfy us,” he concluded.


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