If Not Ultimatum Then What? Nukes?

El Murid Speculations Department

El Murid. Enough. I got enough your speculations. Correct but always short of finishing strokes of paintbrush or fully sincere results.

Russia got his right to use nuclear blackmail first, then strike with nukes if ultimatum fails, if and only if, other means were exhausted. Period. Q.E.D.

Russian military doctrine allows to use nukes in state of utmost danger for Russian national interests. Every points of those “national interests” definitions were fulfilled, otherwise Russia hasn’t been in Syria.

How long one must speculate to find out Russia was cornered in Syria? She was cornered in Donbass and Crimea, too. Russian liberasts (ger. – lieberasts) aka 5th and 6th columns were set to the highest gear of betrayal. If the present economic “betrayals” of Putin had been fakes only, we might have been expecting a big tornado in Russia, then blitzkireg in Ukraine and cut relations with the stinking “yellow starry” turd called EU or Germany for that example, or other serious deeds of similar chain of events making Russia tidy. Do you, anyone from readers, believe that Putin may and can clean the stable he lives on with his cronies? Me not. Russia was destined to fail and Putin helps them like hell trying to position Russia within Western financial and economical system of global robbery. The question is if he really can do anything on his own…

Probable invasion. The current situation
From: El Murid, 6-Feb-2016 12:54 pm

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The threat of a military operation Saudi Arabia and Turkey in Syria is quite real. In spite of all the negative consequences for the Turks and the Saudis, they are put in a situation, when a direct solution might be inevitable.


The fact that the risk of collision of Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey sharply increases is obvious. The invasion will occur with the involvement of aviation – and most likely massive. Our fighters and air defense capabilities in Latakia and on the ships of the expeditionary fleet would not be enough to repel any attacks or at least to control the airspace. In addition, to use the bombers in such circumstances will be almost impossible – every time they will need to accompany the fighters, but their number today is just to monitor the air around the base. Missiles over those thousands and tens of thousands of targets that are available, Russia simply does not.

In fact, the mere fact of the invasion of Turkey and Saudi Arabia will force Russia either to stop the air support because of the risk of collision with the enemy, or significantly reduce its intensiveness. Naturally, the Turks will try to close the sky over Aleppo, where a difficult situation has arisen because of the blockade, and to release militants. Given the fact that this task is of utmost priority and if the issue about the invasion will be implemented – so in a very short time – the situation necessitates.

To the words of politicians that invasion is out of question, one needs to pay attention. They’re lying, like before, and will continue to lie. Only decisions and deeds are important.


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