Russian Presstitutes Against “The 25 January Committee”

Russian Presstitutes Department

Typical bilious attack on “The 25 January Committee” performed by regime media from Moscow. Not worth to read it, but one should now what they, the “January-ians”, were expecting and what you will come across with reading Russian regime MSM sources. The matherfucker signed as Sergey Vasiliev haven’t known the correct name of the association (The 25 January Committee). I did not cite the worst slime the kinky author used in his text. Really sickening and pathetic.

Club of vainglorious scandalists (boheme)
From:, 5.02.2016 – 00:48

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The new political association, known in vastness of Internet as “25 January Movement”, had a very colorfully pied (members) in all minds of audience.

Igor Girkin, clearly claiming to be the leader of this meeting (in an interview with one of his support groups, he positioned himself as the “first among equals”; not sure how much “first-bishopric” will support the remaining members of the movement – V. S.) stated that all participants, despite differences in political views, unites Russian patriotism.

But even if we accept on faith their Russianness, be considered a “swinged” patriot and Russophobe Prosvirin or, excuse me, Kungurov not realistic even to a man with limitless imagination.

The unifying motif of “Januarians” is entirely second-rate. All participants of this meeting passionately and maddeningly desire fame. Not just to be in trend, but “to be heard” and not to go away from dailies’ first strips, to be “icons”. Wishing self-ennoblingly, self-sacrificingly, at any cost. (…)


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