Can Noose Be Tight Loose? Yep.

Kremlin Betrayals Department

The charges of the Secretary General
From: El Murid, 5-Feb-2016 09:56 pm

The UN Secretary General joined campaign of pressure on the Kremlin on the issue of the Syrian negotiations. Ban Ki-moon has effectively accused Russia of disrupting the first round of talks, speaking about the participation of Russian aircraft in operations under Aleppo.

The situation resembles the beginning of 2012, when Assad’s arms had been twisted, demanding him to stop the offensive in HOMS and accept the terms (presented) by Kofi Annan, special representative of UN Secretary General. Conditions were standard – ceasefire, negotiations and reforms. It ended up that Assad accepted the terms and Annan’s conditions (with Russia actively encouraging to do so), was not able to finish off the militants in HOMS, stopped fighting, (in result) he had received already four months later a powerful offensive on Damascus and Aleppo – as a matter of fact, its consequences are liquidated to this day.

Now the Kremlin lapsed into the same situation. Every betrayal gets back – no exceptions. Putin suffers pressure, he’s blackmailed by collapse of the talks. To stop fighting means not only to lose a face but also to lose even those the modest results reached four months of onset with great difficulty.

The militants predictable will rearrange, tighten reinforcements, replenish ammo and get new equipment – after which the exhausted Syrian army will still be forced to re-start hostilities. In much worse conditions.

It’s possible that in general the truce will be a prelude to the ground operations of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Turks today angrily rejected the suggestion about the ground operation – but in modern politics all lie and for any reason. Putin also rejected the participation of Russian Army in the Crimea. He has been rejecting for a year. Then, without a wink of an eye admitted that what was known to all.

We’ll see. So far the Kremlin is willing to continue to fight – the deadline is 25 February. By this date quite serious arguments will be used, which one – it’ll become clear very soon.

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