Destruction of OPN “Troy”, Part II

OPN Troy Department

I promised to write on OPN TROY (“Troy” unit from Special Reconnaissance Forces) and explain why I had to apologized. My “beg your pardon” was slightly premature it appeared. In some way justified but I have gigantic doubts. Whole situation is secret with official ban on anything concerning the destruction of Troy. What at first it looked like horrific blunder of New Russian authorities it came to light few (?, one?) self-proclaimed “commanders” were rotten apple(s).

I waited with this answer intentionally. With information blockade I had to wait. I had no time to dig the issue deeper, peeping into other “local” Russian blogs. They (bloggers) kept silence I think, they were afraid of backlash from authorities. Whatever they (bloggers) said was done through cell phones and what they conveyed to Internet was the way of communication, not the contents of the messages. I do understand.

The shreds I translated and published here cast some light on the fratricide. In those context I had no cause to be sorry. What’s more, my appraisal was sort of correct. But I’m not to swore I’m or I was correct.

I present the posts in chronological order. It shows the following: at least one commander of “Troy” was a fake. Troy soldiers were militia’s heroes, not scum as they were portrayed in some blogs and in some New Russia news outlets(?). The thuggery and banditry of few people in New Russia, connected with authority circles, is pervasive and deplorable. Like the Symbiot in a movie about Spiderman. Of that I’m sure.

The FAKEs (?)

Negotiations between “White”, the commander of “Troy”, with Yenakiyevo thieves Greek, Makar and Nightmare
From: etoonda, 2016-02-01 10:02:00

From the militia: negotiations of commander the “Troy” “White” with Yenakiyevian (of Yenakievo) thieves Greek, Makar and Nightmare.

And I was making my head spin thinking who the hell trashed one of the most combat-ready units.

As always, everything is very simple. “Troy” discovered trading weapons scheme: Yenakiyevians drove illegally trunks (of “left” geshefts) to the Russia, taken from militia by hook or by crook.

Many people said About that the base in Ozerynivka stormed “not at all MGB” (MGB = The Ministry Of Public Security (MPS) = МГБ Министерство Государственной Безопасности).

Those storming were thieves with proplachennymi*) prepaid several detachments from “Stronghold” (Oplot) and heavy weaponry from MGB.

“White” was taken away from Gorlovka yesterday and handed down to Nightmare (Koshmar), he was being murdered (finished) already during the move.

Pity the guys. As far as my heart bleeds when White was asking not to interfere and said they are fighting for one Cause.

Alabai The Fake (Vladimir Novikov?)

He presented himself as Vladimir Novikov nickname Alabai (Алабай – see his sewed on badge), known as Alabai-Wildfire-Barin-Novikov (Алабай-Рябуха-Barin-Новиков).

Moscow Slagheap Generals

Assault on squad “Troy” is completed. Novorossiya “heroes” from Ryazan created their own private armies under the guise of the protection of the people. Convicted “commander” shows himself as a military officer, wearing military medals and Colonel’s epaulettes.

Video channel “AntiFake TV”.

Please use CC for English version. BTW. Description of Channel “AntiFake TV”:

Every day media feed us with a huge amount of news. Among significant part of them – fakes.
Of course, we can’t expose them all. But we can learn to recognize them. Technologies for creation of fakes and stuffing them vary a lot. We will analyze them, learn with us!

Givi Refused to Murder Brothers of Arms

Commander Givi refused to execute the order of (higher) command.

Who Is “White”?

From: etoonda, 2016-02-03 13:02:00

(Click to enlarge)

The lack of shared information about past, current and future planned course of events is due to the fact that all of the information at this time classified.

Access to information is only to the limited circle of persons and services that directly deal with this issue.
Communication and coordination with relatives of soldiers being captured or missing was not established.

Information for the General public will be published in a timely manner and solely on this resource.


Official representative of OD “DONETSK REPUBLIC” (Social Movement DR) to Zakharchenko A. V.

This document contains data on victims:

1. Vladimir Novikov “White” (just as Alabai! what the fuck?!)

2. “Trojans” – 9 captured/arrested, 7 run away from encirclement, the fate of 92 militiamen is unknown.

Signed: Official Representative of Social Movement Donietsk Republic – E.O. Szabayev

Digression: Who the hell is Shabayev?

Who Are The Culprits?

Were blocked, partially captured,partially destroyed
From: Etoonda, 2016-02-04 10:02:00

(Click to enlarge)

Kassander: it may be not true in part – on the other hand I’d be no surprised if part of New Russia authorities were pure thugs in all the bad meaning.

According to available information, the reconnaissance company detachment SF TROY and coming to her aid volunteer forces of the Cossacks and the militia, were blocked and after 30 days of siege, fraudulently partially captured, partially destroyed by order and “thanks to”, in direct collusion, the leadership of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, Minister of Defense of DPR Vladimir Kononov and Minister of the Interior Ministry DPR Alexei Wild.

All that has happened is a result of the above-mentioned persons attempt to hide their tracks, the information and facts of their criminal, anti-national activities aimed at plundering the financial resources of the Republic, trafficking in arms and drugs.

Moreover, on the face of destructive activities aimed at the destruction of the defense capability of the Republic and its financial independence, in apparent collusion with the security services and the oligarchs of Ukraine and established system of supply of arms and ammunition to the territory from the Russian Federation.
PR as 4.02.2016 in the IVS of the city of Donetsk and are illegally held 24 prisoners fighter of the reconnaissance, 92 people reported missing, almost half of which are Russian citizens!!!

Well-established criminal leadership of the Republic and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the scheme in relation to fighters of a reconnaissance company, trying to fabricate criminal cases were based on testimony obtained under torture. All this is done in order, discredit the personnel of the reconnaissance company, having drowned in lies the true cause of the incident, to switch public attention from blatant lawlessness prevailing in the Republic!!!

We are confident that the Russian volunteers, socially-active citizens and the security services of Russia made the conclusions and they will check the above glaring facts of injustice and anti-people actions of the leadership of DPR and law enforcement agencies, and together with the command OPN TROY will participate, each in its area of competence, in restoration of justice and bring perpetrators of the above events and actions, to prosecution under laws of the Russian Federation and of international law!!!

That’s all from my side. I close down the digging in the New Russia mud. But I’m sure – five New Russian heroes were murdered in Donbass in last time. Another fratricide victims will be added to the list as all documents on Troy unit destruction will be prepared (faked!). Another tragic episode in another Russian “pisdets” imposed on warring territories. Deeds as usual…

If new news will appear, but news confirmed and 105% truthful, I’ll publish them here.


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