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If can present children films or PC “interactive games” why not me? 🙂 They contain excellent ideas for brain exercises. But especially interesting are the simple cardboard animals. One could create a full Zoo for example. I was told too dificult for kindergarten children. Really? Or too much work for teachers? 😉

“Mi-mi-bears” and “Papers” collected record audience for “Carousel”
From:, 4 February 201616:54

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The series premiere of Russian animation series have become the leaders in popularity among the viewers at home in the country the children’s channel “Carousel”.

According to the media measurement company “TNS Russia”, February 1, maximum Russian audience was attracted by the animated series of “Papers”, which received the highest rating of 4.05 per cent among viewers from 4 to 14 years. A few days before this, on 27 January, a record for TV viewing on the Roundabout have put the evening edition of the cartoon “mi-Mi-bears” – share it looking young audience was 26.6%, which allowed the channel by a large margin to work around the popularity of its closest competitors.

The most popular Russian cartoons has got their own interpretations of interactive for mobile devices. Application under the name of “Interactive Cartoon”, since the start, i.e. already for more than four months, breaking records in the AppStore and Google Play in its segment. In applications cartoon characters and stories come to life on phones and tablets, turning these educational games for children.

Today to download available two game brand: “Arkady Locomotives” and “Papers”. The main character of the cartoon “Arkady Locomotives to the rescue” from the screens of mobile devices helps parents fun and exciting to explain simple everyday truth to their children, just discovering the world. And in “pieces of Paper” child with a Moose Aristotle turns to what the Creator of the universe a small paper. (…)


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