We Say Putin But Mean Icon. We Say Icon But Mean Putin.

Russian Iconoclast Department

But nation loves Putin?
From: Aloban75, February 1st, 20:12

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Mate kolybanov answered here on the poll “why people like Vladimir Putin?” and came to a conclusion. In fact, nothing new and special, many people wrote and spoke on the topic. But still…

If not about love but about the sympathy and trust we have to say. And the rating results are not rigged by sociologists. I think many will agree with me, if we look on reality from virtual reality of Internet space. Where I had to communicate with ordinary people, be it at work, in the bath (so the word, have not go there because of hypertension), the hospital, the queues in the clinic, many of us will always face the fact that people trust and sympathize with GDP (V.V. Putin). So en mass, in that sense, Putin is loved.

It’s very simple. The image that exists in the minds of the masses comes from media. In reality, Putin, as we all know, grey, little narrow-minded man (which is unacceptable for a public figure) and having thieving mentality. So people likes Putin, according to the image of Putin, created by TV and other media.

And his rating from all sorts of specialized sociological institutions and agencies, it is not Putin’s approval rating, but the rating of Putin’s image.

PS these were my thoughts aloud. Friends, I don’t consider my point of view the only correct one, I may be mistaken, so I will be glad to hear your opinion in the comments.


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