Russian Ministerial Revamp, Who’s For Nabiullina? :)

Russian Brothel Revamp Department

Rearrange beds
From: El Murid, 2-Feb-2016 09:13 pm

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The government predictably has begun structure shakeup. RosBorder(Guards) is winded down and its functions are to transfer to the Ministry of Transport. RosFinSupervision is being merged with the Treasury and both are to transfer to the Ministry of Finance. The Prime Minister innocently said that good from the structure little, the more so they have largely duplicated functions.

In principle, whole the issue resembles old Odessa joke. Crisis cannot be eliminated by rearrangement of beds in brothel, the only thing you can do is to change girls. The subtlety is that banditry haven’t new girls at hand – it needs to spat in the dried make-up, color up old paint and again release (them) to the jobs.

There is no program to exit from the crisis – what it means, we will be shaking up the structure. The problem is that the crisis is systemic, so the structural rearrangements are meaningless. Time for such activities was lost long ago. You can change door signs at will, but it would have nothing to do with resolving the catastrophic situation.


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