Demolition of Russia Has Begun…

Demolition of Russia Department

What was, was bad, now it will be better. We know the bullshit ordained to multiply warm and profitable posts for ministerial cronies.

Putin agreed to abolish the Federal border service and Rosfinnadzor
From:, 2 February, 201617:44 (updated at 19:53)

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev about the abolition of RosGranitsa with the transfer of functions of this structure to the Ministry of Transport.

“One of the proposals concerns the abolition of the agencies named RosGranitsa. She was engaged in the development of the state border from the point of view of construction and transportation technology, was established some time ago, part of the task performed”, — said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting with Putin.

Medvedev believes that “without compromising quality, the same functions can be performed in the framework of the Ministry of Transport, which can take functions of Rosgranitsa”. The President asked why the Prime Minister proposes to transfer the functions of Rosgranitsa to the Ministry of Transport, reports TASS.

Most of the powers were engaged in RosGranitsa, connected with transport functions, — said the Medvedev. “Industrial construction such closer to the Ministry than to any other structures,” he added.

According to Medvedev, “you can post it (the function), but the Ministry of Transport it is the closest thing we agreed on as the most appropriate form of organization of this activity for the future.” “All right,” agreed the President.

In addition, Putin agreed to join the RosFinNadzor (financial supervision) to the Federal Treasury. Exchange controls will be distributed between Federal tax and Federal customs services.


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