Curator and Gravedigger Meeting Bodes Ill


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Today Putin meets with Kissinger. Their last meeting, which just happened during the Maidan, had ended with that Putin had to take Crimea, which nobody expected, I guess, he himself did not expected. And you can take it that before the world once again has loomed Kuwait and Saddam Hussein. It remains a mystery still why this was done in such a mediocre common scenario, having in hands all trumps, the joker, the wild card and the chandelier at hand.

What exactly force (or persuade) to do this now – is unknown. But given the fact that the events go very quickly, the arrival of a personal curator from America will appear somewhere very soon. And hardly in a good way – Kissinger (may be) anyone, but not Russia’s friend. And Putin, as demonstrated all his management is all you want, but certainly not a patriot of the country. Rather, its gravedigger.

Putin meets with former US State Secretary Henry Kissinger
From: TASS, February 03, 17:24


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