How All Is Slaughtered in Russia, Without Russians, Yet…

Russian Economy Department

As far as in Russia the real hunger?
From: Do what you must, come what may, February 2nd, 14:52

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Well, about the famine as the cause of mass Mora (K: nearly extinction due to plague) probably too early to say. But the shortages, as a consequence of its high cost and inaccessibility of food for the poor is a very real possibility. The fundamental reasons for this are two.

FIRST, the REASON for the collapse of the export pipeline. The last 25 years the country lived under the scheme “oil in exchange for food”. Yes, in the 90 years, the oil cost a penny (however, it still changed the food), and because under Yeltsin had to take on tens of billions of dollars of credits and spend them. But if Putin gave these debts, with interest, at the expense of income from rising prices of oil, because the oil for food kept strictly. Since the export economy collapsed, all export income is not enough to steal ilicki and food to the poor. But ilitch, as you may guess, stealing does not become less, because eating someone is not enough.

Yes, I know that you deny me – say, over the years of Putinism agricultural production grew, we almost provide ourselves with chicken, more pork and even salmon in the Murmansk region grow no worse than the Norwegians. Yeah, but there is a caveat. Salmon – it certainly can be, and Murmansk. That’s just 100% of fry imports and almost 70% of animal feed. And because the shortage of foreign currency and its high cost puts a fat cross on salmon importozameschenie fantasies.

Yes, formally of the Russian Federation about 70% of the food produces itself. But over 90% of seed import. The chicken, say, our, homegrown? And feed, on which they are grown? No, I’m not arguing that and feed in large parts of the “made in Russia”. The question is, what are they “made” in this rush? What percentage of soya and rapeseed meal is imported, eh? The feed vitamins and choline? And tractors mowing silage – is it all domestic? The fodder mills are equipped with Russian lines? So the share of “localization” of our food industry is not 70%, how about telling blunt fans site “delanoy.shit”, and SNA-a-a-a-acetelyne less.

It is obvious that once the government runs out of currency reserves to maintain the ruble (the only question is how they will last – a year or two), the currency will rise enough to make available products for the price of those agricultural enterprises that rely on imports. Everything else is a large part of our food industry is owned by foreigners. As falling of solvent demand they just leave the market, canning production until better times.

The SECOND REASON is the degradation of agricultural production. During the oil of the freebies it was cheaper to buy finished products abroad than to produce at home. I’m not saying to do the oil in the Russian Federation was unprofitable, but agree that to do the oil with a margin of 5% – not the same thing as slinging the new Zealand butter, with a margin of 10%. This explains the chronic investment hunger in the agricultural sector. Fish looks for deeper water, man for better places, and the money tend to go where they quickly turn into. Therefore, the chronic underfunding of our agriculture led to accelerated Disposals of fixed assets. (…)

(…) Nowadays the situation is catastrophic – feed availability declined throughout the country, officially in inventory is less than 5%, but the deficit is actually sharper. If no stocks, it is impossible to maneuver. And even if the market feed is available, why do I buy them? Tyumen dairy buys milk at 9 rubles per liter, and the production cost from private owners and collective farms about 10 roubles! Previously, we went through subsidies from the budget in the amount of 2 rubles per liter – has been what to do “stash” for a rainy day. And now the subsidy cut, because the budget deficit. The privateers because of this have already started to slaughter the cattle. Leave only for their own sustenance, the rest of the cows under the knife. This year, if the feed situation stabilizes will have to score a dairy herd’s commodity farms.

Conclusions it seems to be obvious: to increase production of “milk”, it is necessary to invest money in the industry. Without this degradation production and reduce food security of the country is inevitable. Those guys “from the plow”, with whom I had a chance to talk, by the way, I remember with nostalgia those times, when Putin was Prime Minister. If they believe that Putin as Prime Minister was more powerful than Putin-President. According to them during Putin’s Premiership and the Minister of agriculture Elena Skrynnik the grant system worked most effectively, making it was during these years have seen the most significant growth of agricultural production. In those years, any information about a possible reduction of livestock was perceived as an emergency, on the carpet was called the Governor, has taken some measures. Now the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning.

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Think business, not only in the administrative talents of Putin and the Minister of agriculture, and that in fatty years has been able to subsidize the agricultural sector. Now established system collapses, because the priority is not agriculture, and defense spending (yeah, good thing we have each other to help Bashar in power to resist). The focus of attention of the Kremlin, mainly foreign policy issues that he himself created. But if the regime collapses, not because NATO will attack Rossiysko, and for reasons far more prosaic – the average person food will not afford. Everything gradually rolling.


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