The World Slides to Catch-As-Catch-Can, Thanks To Putin Too (In Part)

Geneva Circus Department

Rather p-ts than “circus”, anyway, the penultimate paragraph contains lies about the USA and biased French views. But the last one is all about the truth (European insignificance 🙂 ).

Libération: Moscow, Riyadh and Washington will decide the fate of Syria behind the scenes UN
From: INO TV, 1 February 2016

(Click to enlarge) Photo: Reuters

The world is closely following the negotiations on Syria in Geneva, but the country’s fate will be decided not on them, says Libération. Neither the regime nor the opposition able to influence the future of their country. The true arbiters of the Syrian people – Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA. This is the “dangerous trio” is behind-the-scenes negotiations that will determine the fate of Syria.

The fate of Syria in the hands of the “trio, the worrisome”: Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA. They are the “real bosses” at the talks in Geneva. However, they put their interests above the interests of the Syrian people, says Libération.

In the negotiations there is chaos. Representatives of the Syrian opposition arrived two days after the start of negotiations, without any particular desire to engage in dialogue. Russia is trying to decide who will be present from the opposition. Iran would like to remove certain members from the ranks of the opposition, which will have to deal with in negotiations. The Kurds are playing alone. Turkey does not want to play fair. The UN pretends not to notice what was afoot behind the scenes.

Miracles should not wait, Libération believes: talks too poorly prepared, and most importantly – designed to create the illusion of hard work of the world community, while actually everything is solved in a different place.

The fate of Syria is not in the hands of neither regime nor opposition, and certainly not the UN. The fate of Syria is entirely in the hands of three States that lead backstage negotiations: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Moscow protects the interests of the Syrian regime, Riyadh – opposition, and Washington is teetering between the two. Other countries, such as France, play a secondary role and “will appear on the scene later as the crowd”.

This trio is worrisome, the newspaper notes. Russia cares only about their own interests, supporting the “butcher of Damascus”. Saudi Arabia is experiencing only about how to get around Iran, especially in Syria. Barack Obama and John Kerry’s main concern is to withdraw the U.S. from the Middle East and to redirect American diplomacy in the far East, which explains their desire to end as soon as possible with the long-suffering of the Syrian issue. They already did similar with Iran’s nuclear program: fast closed question, leaving many pressing problems unsolved.

But Europe, which because of the war in Syria, a wave of migrants, who actually cares. But could one hope for these politicians, insignificant in the eyes of the world and history? – asks Libération.


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