Putin’s Dichotomy – Check What He Says and Does!

Russia For Sale Department

I can say nothing about the brazen, overt destruction of Russian biggest machine producing plants. You may cry reading how Russia imported foreign mutherfuckers aka managers only to destroy all biggest “soviet” industries and manufacturing facilities. Where were execution squads?! Where was Putin? I know, you know. He’s the same pro-Western worshiper of American liberal illusions. If you saw other images from Russia you’d be baffled how stupidity rules Russia and her Great Nation(s).

BTW. Pay attention to my titles reading or looking through my posts. They reflect the cruxes of present Russia and Kremlin elites plus sort of intricacies. As in this example – compare what Putin said in 2011 and what he did.

Who destroys the Russian industry
From: Svobodnaya Pressa, January 30, 17:08

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Leonid Kalashnikov
The author is the Deputy of the state Duma, the Communist faction. He started his career on the Vase from foreman to Deputy head of Department in Scientific-technical centre.

All we have seen in photos and footage from the occupied territories shot immediately after their liberation by the Red Army. Very similar feelings are the photographs we made in our days in the premises of the former VET (Rus. – ПТО). Here we see not just barbaric thievery but Germanic systematic “under the root” destruction of everything that could still allow the plant to recover and continue to function. Not just the factory — a large high-tech manufacturing which has no analogues in Russia.

Precision machine tools, which in Russia very few, was filmed without complying with the rules, but in a hurry. Volume of documentation is a treasure — trove of unique technologies — stacks dumped in the trash. Something to accelerate at all flew in the window in front of passing by people. The mayhem happened in the Christmas holidays and has not yet been finished, when Vladimir Putin signed critical to Togliatti document — “List of orders on the audit results of the effectiveness of measures to accelerate import substitution in the automotive industry”. Each item puts out of state interests of Russia many of the actions of the current leadership of “AVTOVAZ”, including the elimination of related businesses.

Needless to say, the destruction of the TVM (Rus. – ВМЗ) justified his abnormalities and unprofitability. If someone does not know, Andersson (the President of AVTOVAZ — ed.) explains with these terms all of his actions since arriving in Togliatti. If it can somehow “roll”, in the case of such a unique company is able to convince only the hottest admirers of the talent of the Swedish Manager. But what opinions about TVM had other foreign experts? “TVM — as a large modern supermarket where you can buy anything you want! I haven’t seen in the world of plants with such a huge range of products” — the words of the Vice President of the company Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. of Sakurai Akira.


(…) Such plants and machine constructions our country does not need?! But in 2011, while in Togliatti, President Putin said: “I Think it necessary to pay special attention to the development of domestic machine tool industry. The production of machine tools is a sector that provides all the strategic spheres of engineering and military-industrial complex”. And the signing by Vladimir Putin of the above-mentioned “List of instructions” makes clear that the automotive industry and related sectors is an important part of the development of the Russian Federation. But without the TVM capabilities of this important part becomes vanishingly small. Only a fifth of the uprooting from the plant equipment will be assembled at AVTOVAZ. The rest is transported to an open area allegedly for sale. But any expert will tell you that a few weeks of nights under the open sky for such equipment means certain death.

The TVM team was an elite frames machinery is now after the dismissal of these literally gold people instead of execution of orders for needs of defence industry, automotive industry, space and aviation will be engaged in artistic crafts in garages. Destroyed an important part of AVTOVAZ, undermined the economy of the whole city, knocked the Foundation from under the whole branches of Russian industry. Missed a rare opportunity to provide import substitution at the level of its own engineering and its own high-tech products. Major Andersson and to roll with the punches…

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