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You may believe him/them, it’s free world. 😉 I’m not obliged too. BTW. Nabiullina is a slippery manager, she answered to Putin what he wanted to hear. Well suited couple.

Putin said to the liberals: the Privatisation of Sberbank is out of question
From:, 30-01-2016, 16:47

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Vladimir Putin carefully, but very clearly tirned to the liberal leaders, who all recently insisted on the privatization of lucrative state assets, such as Sberbank, VTB 24, Rosneft, Gazprom and others.

The fuss surrounding this issue has intensified when the liberals under the pretext that the conditions of crisis and budget deficit (deteriorated) the government should go on sale of profitable state assets and, thus, to cover the deficit.

Economists such as academician Glazyev stated that the privatization of the largest backbone enterprises of the country makes no sense at all, they must, in any case, to remain under state control. And, moreover, it is impossible to sell them in the crisis when those most important profitable assets leaving for nothing.

And here Vladimir Putin clarified the issue.

The privatization of the savings banks (and by default, apparently, and other similar companies) will not be going on.

And even in the medium term we are at a point (to which) we will not return, said the President of Russia.

Yesterday the President of Russia held a meeting devoted to questions of monetary policy, according to the official website of the Kremlin.

The meeting was attended by the presidential aide Andrei Belousov, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Central Bank Chairman Elvira Nabiullina.

* * *

Vladimir Putin: Ladies and gentlemen. (…)

(…) We the day before yesterday, only in a broader group, talked about the development of the economy, about monetary policy. Today in this context, I would like to talk with the Chairman of the Central Bank and the Minister of Finance about monetary policy.

I want to emphasize that the Central Bank in accordance with the law, and here we do not change, is a self financing institution with its own jurisdiction. We are here only to exchange views, to look at prospects of development of the situation, so that the work was somehow coordinated in a General plan.

Considering the fact that Elvira Nabiullina is present, I would like to recall that next week we should discuss the issues of privatization, privatization plans, including for the current year. There are some who believe that these processes shall cover the number of financial institutions.

The Central Bank our main shareholder, the principal, the key shareholder of the country’s leading bank Sberbank. Would like to know the opinion of the Chairman of the Central Bank, the Bank of Russia, for that matter, on the possible privatization of part of shares of Sberbank.

Elvira Nabiullina: I believe that the issue of privatization of part of shares of Sberbank of premature now, because in many respects the trust of the citizens of depositors to the Bank is based on the fact that there is a controlling state, control from the state.

By the way, this show and our sociological research recently conducted, asking different questions. They show that at the moment, need to retain a controlling interest of the savings Bank in the hands of the state.

Vladimir Putin: I agree with You completely, first. Secondly, even in the medium term, I think we are at this point we will not come back, and in discussions with colleagues of the privatization plan for 2016 and soon we will take out the brackets and will not be considered. I agree with You.

Let’s talk about a topic for which we are gathered.


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