Kremlin Matrix of Betrayals, Part III

Kremlin Matrix Department
If you perhaps do not see, the slow inflow of the specific news, news about probable Kremlin’s coup are multiplying. Slowly, similar to the strong criticism of Russian liberals who are managing Russian finances and economy, one is able to watch in TVs or read in media. The only unanswered question is whether the topics emerged thanks to so called “social safety valves”, which Kremlin or its secret services have decided to switch on.

About Western projections of the collapse of the Russian Federation
From: Maxim Kalashnikov, January 31st, 2016, 11:18 pm

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Maxim Kalashnikov

Yes, we created a “Committee on 25 January” in time. The West began to issue predictions about the collapse of power in the Russian Federation. I mean “Stratfor”, and Mr. Motyl’s article in “Foreign Affairs”.

Mr. Motyl explicitly writes about oncoming (since 1991) events of disintegration of the country. Although in his articles a lot of liberal stupidity. Comparing RF government with Hitler’s regime was what us especially amused. We can’t imagine us as a raw-material background of Reich.

But the current owners of the West are obvious: to transform Russia into a Confederation, chipping off national autonomies – to create “cordon Sanitaire” from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. (Lukashenko keeps his nose to the wind and acts accordingly).

Anyone who regularly reads my blog, well see that Maxim Kalashnikov is not more stupid than Western centers in the analysis of the situation. “Stratfor” recites my calculations.

1. The fact that the main threat to the regime – the socio-economic crisis, which the authorities are powerless to cope.

2. The cause of the fall of this government will not be mythical “national indignation” (nation has turned into a fragmented and impotent population for long), namely a conspiracy at the top: among the oligarchy, the military and heads of intelligence agencies. They (the lords) may be advantageous to reset the “king” and then to negotiate with the West. They, not mythical people, will decide about all.

The same thing I’ve been saying for several years. I think that the Kremlin has worsened the situation,throwing the project “New Russia” (Novorossia) and (in the conditions of severe crisis) rushed into a useless war in Syria. What created the threat of war with the Turks.

Since nuclear weapons Moscow against the Turks would never use, the Turks have a real chance to make Tsushima-2 for the BSF (Black Sea Fleet) (Turkish Navy entered the Black Sea, their Black Sea fleet is twice stronger). And it’s another matter to inflict heavy blows on the grouping of the Russian air force in Syria. This humiliating defeat of Moscow from the Turks (see example of the destruction of only one Su-24M) can play a role of detonator for the coup in Russia.

Well, while the hopes of the enemy are not unfounded, he (the enemy) hit in the weakest point of the Kremlin – in the economy. The enemy knows that to overcome the crisis is possible only by the new industrialization of the Russian Federation but that requires cutting out the old “elite”. What the Kremlin will not do. And therefore crashes.

I think that Igor Strelkov on time initiated the creation of a third force – “Committee of 25 January”. We are the only force that can break the plan of the owners of the West, if the crisis in Russia will cause atop coup.

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