Kremlin Matrix of Betrayals, Part I

Kremlin Matrix Department
I’ve intended to go to sleep but I’ve checked latest news on Russian websites – from “free press” blogosphere of course, not from the pathetic Russian MSM outlets to which belong, TASS and Sputnik International (and many, many other “crap taps for dummies”, including TV sources).

The incoming remarks show more light to the behind curtain issues which may lead to Kremlin catastrophe or Putin’s political execution. I know that such prophesies or the proverbial future paths for Russian presidency, are strongly pushed by Western info war centers and Russian 5-th column, but the image of Russian or Kremlin foreign and domestic policies comprise of few clear, well focused spots like Ukraine/Novorossia, Syria/Turkey and RF Constitution/Central Bank. Anything else is blurred or covered with heavy fog. Even if some issues, like new Turkey lies and Erdogan’s demands which could lead to explosive issue, may dispel soon in bilateral negotiations, but they might remain as very dangerous hot spots hanging over Kremlin and stifling its elbow room for further meandering in Middle East.

There are a lot of claims that the Kremlin went into foreign or own traps or cornered itself, all due to short sighted or ad hoc procured actions. It’s impossible to appraise them as Kremlin works are hidden behind cover of “fuzzy logic” – contrary to the Western power which sets its goal overtly and keeps respective direction resolutely. You may read out such images from texts of many columnists and analysts I presented on this blog. The problem “with Kremlin” will emerge when one of the Russian opponents, like Turkey for example, will decide to check Kremlin in the end. Bye, bye chess or poker gambits! Kremlin will find itself in a position where it will have to clearly define itself, without spreading powdered picture of Russia the Bear or “cunning foxy guy”. What’s worse, what will happen if Turkey scuttles down the Black Sea Fleet!

The Condition Of Assad
From: El Murid, 31-Jan-2016 05:28 pm

(Click to enlarge)

The delegation of the Syrian government will not negotiate in Geneva with terrorists and the individual delegates, including the terrorist group “Jaish al-Islam”. This was stated by Bashar Jaafari, the head of the governmental delegation at inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva and the permanent representative of Syria to the UN.

From now on. Assad is not Zaharchenko or Plotnitsky (Donietsk, Lugansk Republics, respectively), which were summoned to grownup uncles in Minsk to sign papers. The refusal to negotiate with Jaish al-Islam is basically the failure of the negotiating, as other participants – are a mere minnow compared to the Army of Islam.

It seems that Assad is not willing to cover a behind-the-scene games run behind his back. It should be noted that the sudden condition of the Syrian delegations was made during negotiations, not before. Asad instantly pushed his Kremlin allies into a corner, as if there was no time to think about the requirements, what means that Syrians had put forward in front of Kremlin such conditions, on which fulfillment depends the position of government delegation in relation to Jaish al-Islam.

In general, Assad is absolutely right in this case. Present Kremlin betrays everyone everywhere, including its own people. To rely on such ally – (it) means to befriend without a head. That’s why the sudden demand of Assad fits perfectly into the logic of distrust caused by the traitors in Moscow. In TV, of course, between them and us peace-friendship and other bhai-bhai*) (brothership), but in reality the Syrians’ vzbryk*) (uplift, rear up) looks quite remarkable.


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