I’m Flooded With Shit-News! Help!

Crap News Department

I need to prioritize my goals attached to this blog. Today, I’m flooded with interesting “news”. As if every news agencies took free leave for the last weekend and try to make up for “the vacations” today. But the whole picture is sad. Lies, liars, fakes, propaganda and worst kind of info wars – brazen and impudently overt without sophistication. Total P-ts, no kidding. But first I must apologize.

I was duped.

Consequently I duped you, albeit unintentionally.

I beg your pardon. I’m sorry.

It concerns Task Force “Troya”. I devoted it few posts but what I wrote in good faith was untrue. Simply writing I do not like fratricide, in such cases I used to be biased or unfair. Explanation in separate post soon. First I must get rid of the information deadlock – I must publish the news waiting in my blog’s queue.



About veraser

Debian user who's fond of Yandex, Vivaldi, Links2 and Firefox browsers. He likes to shoot pictures.
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