“Troy” Was Destroyed – Shame on Thugs from Novorossian “Government”!

Donbass P-ts Department
BTW. I had to correct whole text. Anyway, Yandex is improving, I must admit.

After 30 days of siege, a force reconnaissance company “TROY” destroyed
From: etoonda, 2016-01-31 10:02:00

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After 30 days of siege reconnaissance company “Troy” had been destroyed by the enemy’s superior forces comprising units from MO DPR (MoD).

Accurate data on the number of killed and wounded, and taken prisoner, and their place of stay is currently not known.

Criminal order to the assault was issued by Kononov – the DPR Defense Minister – with the direct approval of Zakharchenko – the head of the Republic.

By their actions the leadership of the Republic and the command of the DPR actually confirmed its unwillingness to restore order in the Republic, elimination of criminal schemes and the elimination of the current system of “dead souls”.

In fact, the leadership of the Republic and the DPR Ministry of Defence with hand controlled forces destroyed combat unit fighting one and a half years on the front line, consisting of our own countrymen and volunteers from Russia, thereby demonstrating to the whole society of Russia and Donbass, the criminal nature and the willingness of the cost of human lives to protect their criminal interests.

From the militia: “Troy” is all

“Stronghold” (Oplot) and the DPR Republican Guard stormed the base of the legendary squad “Troy” in Ozerynivka with the use of arts (artillery; tiny type LNG, but “rapier” kind also worked).

The “Trojans” about ten dead (200-th), a couple of other 200s among stormtroopers.

Such fate among us in Lugansk should be expected but we decided not to be a hero, surrendered and went to the basement (jail).

Alabai“, so such hardened fighters mothers have grown up who fights to the end, the artillery had to “cultivate”.

White” after a night of interrogation was moved away from Gorlovka to an unknown direction.

Perhaps he was no longer alive.

Well, sleep peacefully, brothers. I would like to write that your sacrifice is not in vain. But…

Following (the issue), “Givi” will be eliminated using hands of “holiday-makers”. And in its extreme interview (really don’t want here to use the word “last”) he says straight – guys, do not believe if you are told that Arsen “Motorola” (Pavlov) and me – are criminals.

And “Givi” knows himself. Weary eyes, depressed notes about the war with “Ukrainian nation”, fantastic promises to recapture the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

I really want to make a mistake


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