The Dog, The Hag and The Uncle

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Most of the remarks of Stratfor’s head are drivel. Bullshit. You’ve been warned.

USA against an Alliance of Russia and Germany
From:, Today, 17:32

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The head of the analytical agency Stratfor George Friedman said in an interview with the German press that the United States will not allow a rapprochement between Berlin and Moscow. Stratfor, in fact, is a private analogue of the CIA, however, still some debate about how this organization is private.

According to Friedman, the Alliance of Germany and Russia will strengthen both countries and will pose a threat to economic and political domination of the United States, so Washington will continue to drive a wedge between Germany and Russia.

In the first place in the Union with Russia now needs Germany. After the forced sanctions against Russia, as well as the imposition of the transatlantic cooperation of the German economy weakened. Additional stress on the economy creates migrants, which also provoke a social explosion. Berlin is now desperately looking for someone who can lend a helping hand. USA in this situation takes the position of the dog in the manger. Washington wants Berlin to help in a difficult situation, what is more, it prevents the attempts of Germany to rely on the help of Russia.


Abandoning the USA, Europe definitely need support. And here it appears, and Russia. It seems that the project of Putin, Schroeder and Chirac, of a United Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok will be revised. (…)


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