Stupid Kiev and Stupid Kremlin

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From: El Murid, 30-Jan-2016 09:09 pm

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Kiev “the diplomat” – the Deputy of a Department of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine proudly showed the scan of the Budapest Memorandum with Lavrov signature under it. Accompanied this creativity the Deputy snide, as it seems, the question: “Any of Russia’s obligations under the Budapest Memorandum?”

Let me remind you that the Budapest Memorandum – a document signed by Ukraine, Russia, UK and USA, according to which Ukraine has received guarantees of its territorial integrity and security in exchange for the transfer of the nuclear weapons of Russia and the rejection of the nuclear status.

The problem is what is very strange that people with diplomatic education and practice do not understand that the coup in Kiev liquidated Ukraine. The junta with their own hands destroyed their country. In fact her signature under any document became null and void, but even that’s not all – now all states, previously concluding a Treaty with Ukraine, have every right to selectively or entirely recognize or not recognize its obligations to Ukraine. By their own volition. And the fact that the Kiev government called itself the successor of the former Ukraine, does not cancel said.

War cancels all Treaty – like Japanese proudly said to the Russians. This rule is not fixed, but it acts on the rights of tradition – and there’s no other way to go. Therefore, hidnosti*) (cunning) Kiev diplomat can shove it in any available hole. Regardless of what, it is the actions of the Kiev junta did the Budapest Memorandum null and void. Russia just took the opportunity to return, however, did it very timidly and stupidly, but that’s a separate issue to the stupidity of the Kiev leaders who do not understand what they are doing, not having any relation.

In General, coup d’etat and violent change of power – employment is extremely sensitive. Including therefore: Russia, for example, after each violent regime change perceptibly lost in its territories. After 17 years, after 91. And insidious enemies were the cause of these losses, namely mediocrity in the leadership. One that brought the country to catastrophe, others that took part in its collapse. So Ukraine has nothing to complain about – it was just right to bow at the feet of the Kremlin regime, who graciously passed her on the massacre of millions of Russians in the South-East. Be normal in the Kremlin the Russian power – the junta would have long fed the fish in the river. So the malice of Mr Makeev looks really silly. Although to expect gratitude from the public – it is certainly hopeless.

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