Two Benefits For One Shot!

Runaways Department

To whom war and to whom mother is native
From: Front News, 30 January 2016, 10:45, by Israel Shamir

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Do you realize what you’ve done? – asked President Putin a rhetorical question to the leaders of the West. He was referring to tick the middle East and the waves of migrants and refugees that flooded Europe. Judging by people’s reactions, the Russians tend to think of the invasion of the refugee problem for Europe. But the leaders of Europe so do not consider. They understand what they’ve done, and satisfied with, no doubt, Mr Putin. And happy twice.

“Green light” to refugees from Syria struck the Syrian army of President Bashar al-Assad. The rebels – armed opposition – receive frames from all of the Islamic world. Repropagation young people, dissatisfied with life, go to fight in Syria in the ranks of one or another fighting organization banned in Russia. But in the Syrian army only to fight the Syrians; only the Syrian youth of military age to replenish its ranks. The choice before was to go into the army to defend their country, or become a refugee in Turkey or Lebanon. The refuge — a perspective not great. Poverty, resentment, shelter in tents, lack of work. It is better to serve and return home, if you’re lucky.

And now, thanks to the hospitality of Madame Merkel and her friends (…) young conscripts went to Europe and Assad’s army faced a serious problem. Not enough warriors. Wanted leaders of the West, supporting U.S. in war for Syria, this cornerstone of the Middle East.

But there is a second advantage to the refugees. They help to blur, to undermine the solidarity of European society. Solidarity – the main enemy of the one percent that owns almost everything. One percent strongly ruled in the USA, because there is no solidarity. No class – bled unions, Communists and socialists almost there with Joe McCarthy. Neither ethnic – works “melting pot”. Religious – hundreds of churches and sects, instead of one Church. For 1% of society, breeders and bankers – just Paradise.


So don’t hesitate (Mr. Putin – Kassander) – they know what they’ve done, and quite pleased with the results. And talking about the girls Lisah them absolutely on the drum – their daughters are not in danger.


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