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Geneva Circus Department
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“Minsk” deadlock in Geneva
From:, Yesterday, 20:35

(Click to enlarge) “Guys, you’re from dying opposition or non-dying opposition?”

Geneva is waiting… Waiting for the Syrian government and the so-called the opposition to talks on resolving the conflict. The delegation of the government of Syria has arrived and is ready for the dialogue.

But the opposition started to get into the pose and act like a prom date on the first date. When all the details of the upcoming meeting have been negotiated and agreed, less than a day they stated that participation in the negotiations refuse. Motivation is more than simple: the requirements for the lifting of the blockade and the release of the arrested “opposition” Damascus did not comply.

I don’t think standing in a posture of opposition expects negotiators from UN ritual dances in order to force them to change their decision.

In another case. The tone of the statements of most international representatives dealing with the issue of settlement of the Syrian crisis shows an extreme degree of fatigue. For five years absolutely no progress. And breakdown of this event threatens to make the situation into a final deadlock.

The opposition is well aware. Here and show off. Hoping that the truce and “controllers” will begin once again to push for the resignation of Assad, as “the quickest, easiest and painless” way to solve this rather annoying and urgent problem.

However, the Syrian President is not going to go away. Especially now. When backed by such a powerful ally, Russia, whose military and space naval forces are not only fighting ISIL, but also exclude the possibility of a coup.

Julia Vityazev


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