Minsk Circus To Be Continued…

Minsk Circus Department

The dispute about the cunning plan of Putin
From: Front News, 30 January 2016, 13:52

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Poroshenko will arrive in Berlin on Monday, where he will hold bilateral talks with Angela Merkel. Although officially the topic of the meeting is not designated, all understand that we are talking about performing (or rather, failure) of the conditions of the Minsk agreements. Frankly, Poroshenko called on the carpet.

The trip to Berlin for Petro Poroshenko does not promise to be a pleasant stroll — Angela Merkel has long ruled in favor of Vladimir Putin and has repeatedly admonished lack of reticence of Ukraine.

We, the patriots-statists, lost the argument about Putin’s cunning plan — he doesn’t exist. More precisely, his entire plan was to play along with Ukraine, which unwilling would conduct negotiations with Russia one on one. As a result, today almost any contact between the two countries takes place in the presence of “third parties” — Germany, France or the European Union. “The fourth person” — the US is always present, albeit implicitly.

And it’s just great. Because now we have witnesses.

From the first day, when Ukraine in the presence of the OSCE Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini and Ambassador of Russia Yuri Zurabov has pledged to resolve the situation in Donbass, she tries to Dodge them. In the end, the Minsk agreement in 2015 fails, although the term has been identified.

In late December, Norman four agreed on a postponement to 2016. And in January the process of amending the Constitution of Ukraine escalated. Deputies, politicians, political analysts feel that nanku this time dodavât and forced to negotiate with Donbas, as decided a year ago in Minsk.

The stumbling block is still the “special status of some districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. In Kiev understand that their trick with the adoption of the law for a period of three years no one was deceived — you have to change the wording. For in the Complex of measures on implementation of the Minsk agreements says very clearly: on an ongoing basis (p. 11).


I think in Berlin are well informed about the problems faced by Ukraine: it is not terribly want to implement the Minsk agreement. Understood in Kiev that the country received almost the last chance. “We have a greater risk to remain alone with Russia, without political, military and technical support and we will remain without sanctions support,” not so long ago recognized Petro Poroshenko, referring to the consequences of possible failure of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution. (…)

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