Donbass’ Fratricide? Damn The Kremlin Minions!

Kremlin Minions Department I’m not going to untangle the information “pisdets”. Whole Novorossia is permeated by thugs, Kremlin minions and warlords. The great idea of New Russia looks like a fart of drunkard now.

ATTENTION!!! All patriots of Donbass!!! All military commanders!!!
From: Eduard Communist, January 30th, 0:00

(Click to enlarge) The Most Important!


The command of MO DPR (MoD DPR) and the leadership of the Republic, in order to conceal their criminal schemes and destruction of witnesses – given the criminal order to destroy the reconnaissance company ESPN TROY!!!

According to not verified information maintained attack is going on with forces of STRONGHOLD (“Oplot”) and the Republican Guard.

We ask all who can hold weapon in hands and have not lost honor and conscience to come to the rescue!!!


Comment. In General militia choice is essentially gone. Or join the “Trojans” and go to the assault on Donetsk and Lugansk and kill all the fucking Kremlin puppets together with curators, or let them drop the weapons and leave Russia. Trapped in those republics through the efforts of the Kremlin were turned into banditry, nothing more. But you might be needed in Russia.

P. S. In the coming days, with a probability of 80%, in Moscow could put “Alba” (alobaya) and Eugene Shabaeva. Maybe even a few people who helped “Trojans”. Themselves “Trojans”, most likely, as I previously wrote, every one to the last are failing.

P-ts Like Hell

Around Troy
From: Andrey Chervonets, January 30, 11:07

(Click to enlarge)

30.01.16. A message from workarou.

“Sources in the militia and several journalists reported that at the moment is sweep SF “Troy” in the area of Saranchuki. On scraps of unconfirmed information from the scene, were able to establish that one location is destroyed, the second support point still resists and arrived with a reinforcement to fight, against those forces trying to implement cleanup and disarmament division.

The information is unverified and requires clarification, which is difficult because voenkoram and journalists DNR was given a warning about the inadmissibility of lighting situations from “Troy”.

The message from the militia:

“Troy” will be destroyed by morning. That’s all, guys, you know how much is true today… there is No sense in guessing what’s what. Let’s pray for the victims and wish the iron endurance of those who are now in the dungeons. To never put himself or his comrades.”

“We were surrounded for exposing corruption and drug trafficking”

Conflict “Troy” with the authorities of the DPR began December 30, when the authorities of the Republic tried to disarm and to send a detachment of “the basement”, claimed in an interview with the police commander Alabai. Two battalions of the defense Ministry DND surrounded the part right after the Alabai went with the singer Iosif Kobzon in Russia — “Trojans” were hired to protect the star during his tour in DND. Then in an interview with “KP” Alabai told that in order to destroy Ukraine, Kobzon was allegedly transferred to DNR five subversive groups.

Claims to “Three” authorities have not officially named. In the media space of the breakaway republics and Russia, the situation is not particularly discussed, so that the causes of conflict can be seen in the fray of Trojans and their opponents on social networks, and most of the accusations circulating in Ukrainian media.

According to Alabai, a year ago, after Stripping “boilers” in Ilovaisk militia managed to arm themselves better than the APU, with trophies from the battlefield, however, because of the sprawling black market weapons to fight nothing. “The weapon disappeared in an unknown direction, and was not” — says the commander.

The second claim — the system of “dead souls” in divisions of the Ministry of defence DND. So, the battalion can be officially 1 thousand people while the real strength of 400 fighters.

“Respectively, resulting in 600 “dead souls” weapons, ammunition, food, uniforms stolen and sold. The disadvantage of “dead souls” is compensated by the volunteers who are fighting “in the coils,” complains Alabai.

According to him, “Troy”, collected from volunteers in the spring of 2014 mainly from the ideological militia from Gorlovka and Kirov, the staff of the Ministry of defence DND were. “But there is a place for anyone: for drug addicts, alcoholics that contribute to the drug trade, and for those who fought two years on the front line, there is no place,” says the commander. As a result, instead of enrollment in the state of “Trojans” had made threats of Stripping under the pretext of disarmament.

The long-lasting conflict “Trojans” with local parts erupted with new force at the end of last year, when the reconnaissance company caught the militia of the 3rd infantry battalion under the drug. On the video when questioned they tell you about ordering drugs in Dnepropetrovsk, receiving them in the mail in Artemivsk and transport by courier to Gorlovka. Alabai says that the militias opened Nakashima and manipulation of “dead souls” at the headquarters of the 3rd SME under the command of Ostap Black. In “Three” the commander of the Black is accused of killing his friend, drug trafficking, torture, robbery of office of PrivatBank in Lugansk.

The conflict between ESPN and SME resulted in the siege of the Trojans. However, due to the travel of the Alabai with Kobzon in Russia, the commander of “Troy” the coolest part of the soldiers did not find. “On (my lack of parts), it became known already, he’s running the show and everyone applauded that Alabai in the trap and in one fell swoop to clean up. But it became clear that the reconnaissance company is not planning to give up and mow all is not so simple, and it will cause a lot of casualties, noise, noise, PE national scale,” said Alabay.

His supporters claim that the “Troy” are the veterans of the airborne, ESPN and the Russian Association of heroes, and call of Russian paratroopers to help. In “Three” “Газете.Ru” explained that the main headquarters of the whole group “Troy” is based in Moscow, and the reconnaissance company is the only one of its components.

According to the opponents of “Troy”, the conflict erupted when chief of staff of the 1st Btro Gorlovka Vladimir Kuts stated that “the Trojans” while under the influence of drugs, killed by shots in the head its the same fighter with the Callsign Zui. And the ATC on arrival at the part fired at and wounded.

In “Three men” put forward a different version. According to Macevoy, Zui actually was shot by a sniper through a window in the shower, and the investigation in every possible way sabotaged. “The bullet came.
And within ten minutes Kuts broke into the location, causing the time, disobeyed orders of the sentry “Stop or I’ll shoot!” and I got shot in the leg. He was given first aid and his car “Niva” was taken to the hospital Gorlovka. And fifteen minutes later were tanks and the rest of the environment,” says Masaeva.

It indicates that immediately after the conflict, the Ukrainian media has published the information that “Troy” soldier shot her drunk. Speed publications, in her opinion, proves that the opponents of “Troy” in the militia in advance given the information in the right key for the Ukrainians to discredit and destroy “the trained and experienced special forces unit”.
Ukraine will be ready to change prisoners with DND and LNR only in a week.

Part of the blockade is not only in military but also in the information sphere. DNR authorities banned the delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged. In the public “Trojans” posted screenshots of correspondence with the DNR journalists, who say banning the Ministry of defence to cover the situation.

In early January, beat up the driver of the friendly commander of Three companies of special forces of “Novorossiya” of Olkhon. His car was shot, and the driver told me to transfer to the Olkhon island, to have lost the support of “Troy”. After that Olkhon wrote that against “Troy” and Alabai allegedly took up arms against the criminal authorities of Yenakievo. Also, “Trojans” say about hunting their relatives by MGB and try to lure the command from the location of the part for elimination.

However, they hope the investigation team MGB DND, which gathers the materials and their opponents, interviewing fighters of a reconnaissance company. Alabai, criticizing corruption in parts, stresses the loyalty to the leader of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. The command of “Troy” complains that, by executing the criminal order about the environment of the reconnaissance tanks in the demilitarized zone, the authorities violate the Minsk agreements.
In addition, on 27 January the Minister of defence DND Vladimir (King) Kononov welcomed a delegation of mothers of fighters, however, judging by the public “Troy” in “Vkontakte”, Kononov told them to get out almost bringing to a heart attack and threatened imminent assault, if the relatives didn’t get fighters.

P. S.
I. Strelkov:
According to yesterday late in the evening, “Troy” stormed with tanks and the entire line of heavy infantry weapons. No details are available yet.P. S.


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