Syrian Matrix Part Two

Syrian Matrix Department “Syria’s agony” said El Murid.

Syria. Coordination of the military
From: El Murid, 29-Jan-2016 08:01 pm

(Click to enlarge) From Russia’s approach to humanitarian problems in Syria

The military of Russia and the USA discussed issues of coordination in Syrian airspace. From the Russian side have no objections to U.S. actions in Syria. In public sometimes I remember something like “We are alone-the only legitimate there present”, but in fact the situation has moved to a qualitatively different state. The region of Iraq and Syria tacitly recognized as a territory in which there is no power and the concept of sovereignty in those territories are not covered.

In fact, it does not matter, what will end the negotiations on the Syrian settlement. Syria is becoming another Iraq, and like Iraq, it is only the beginning. US strategy in the fragmentation region. Four years of war – and the country has degenerated to the point of utter disaster. (…)

(…) Economic losses are such that all estimates concerning amounts necessary to restore the destroyed by the war, begin with the sum of $ 50 billion. In reality we are talking about larger amounts – and it is clear that no one in the world neither independently nor jointly will not seek such remedies in order to help Syria. In the best case will be established once the program is UN aid to the starving, where they were to drop food illiquid assets at inflated prices at the traditional corruption schemes. In the end, UN officials, too, need something to live for.

Records of the war of the steadily growing offensive should not deceive: Syrian army recaptures territory lost last year during the summer offensive of the militants, with most of the lost territories, then, is in the province of Idlib, which the offensive had not even approached. Therefore, it is necessary solemnly to report on important and strategic towns of the same type Sheikh-Miskina in Deraa. On the principle of “at least something”.

Unfortunately, what is happening in Syria is not much different from the agony. The country has already killed, and even if in its place once and there will be a new formation, yet there is no indication of how stable and viable it will be and when it will happen. If you look at Iraq then and 10 years after the collapse of the Saddam regime, the stability of the country looks extremely arbitrary concept, and dynamics of development is clearly negative. Syria looks even worse.


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