Naivety or Stupidity?

Fairy Tales Department Mr. Alexander Mercouris, known, recognized and respectable journalist, entered camp of Putriots, it seems to me. Taking platitudes and faked data for facts is utterly incomprehensible. But what he writes is up to him, he’s free columnist. What is unprecedented is the level of naivety if not stupidity. Not paying attention to liberasts, American Constitution ruling Russia, other official data and painful sanctions. Did I conjure up all the posts about dire straits of Russian economy, to say in short not naming all the facts I published? Read for yourself.

In Upbeat Mood, Putin Reviews the Economy with his Team
From: Russia Insider, 29.01.2016, by Alexander Mercouris

(Click to enlarge) Putin with his economics team. Economics Minister Ulyukaev sits half way up the table on Putin’s left. Finance Minister Siluanov sits directly opposite Ulyukaev. Central Bank Chairman Nabiullina sits looking down on Ulyukaev’s left

Meetings between Putin, Economics Minister Ulyukaev and the rest of his economics team suggest growing confidence and decisions on interest rates as inflation falls and more foreign debt is paid off

Putin recently had an interesting meeting with Economics Minister Ulyukaev, in which they discussed the economy.

Since the transcript of the meeting published on the Kremlin’s website is relatively short, I attach it below in full.

The transcript of course only covers the public part of what Putin and Ulyukaev said to each other.

It is a virtual certainty the meeting went on for much longer than the transcript shows, and that much more was said which has not been published, and that the really important part of the discussion was the part that has not been published.

There is no reason however to think the transcript does not convey the overall tone and sense of the meeting. The figures Ulyukaev reels off are the figures previously published by Rosstat and can be independently verified. It is difficult to see what he could have said to Putin in private which differs from the situation suggested by the figures he cited, which are public. (…)

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  1. Татьяна says:

    Добрый день!
    Извините за комментарий не по теме. pp-phoenix – это же был Ваш журнал? Я тогда с Вами в комментариях у Эль-Мюрида общалась, а потом, через пару дней, обнаружила, что журнал был удален.
    С Уважением


  2. Привет, Татьяна
    Да, это я. 😉 Kassander или pp_phoenix (ПП Феникса). Мне пришлось переехать из ЖЖ. Когда я обнаружил, что был не в состоянии найти мой ЖЖ-адрес через _все_ поисковики (гугл, Яндекс,…) я сходил с ума и тогда я открыл счет WP понимание ЖЖ блокируют мой блог. Приятно слышать вас. Тепло Приветствую Вас.
    С наилучшими пожеланиями.

    Hi, Tatyana.
    Yes, It’s me. 😉 Kassander or pp_phoenix (PP The Phoenix). I had to move from LiveJournal. When I found I was not able to find out my LJ address through _all_ search engines (google, bing, yandex,…) I went nuts and then I opened WP account understanding the LiveJournal had been blocking my blog. Nice to hear you. Warmly welcome You.
    Best regards.


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