Mundane Russian Economic Peculiarities

Russian Poverty Department

Who will save? Regions cut spending at the expense of the most vulnerable
From: etoonda, 2016-01-28 22:02:00

(Click to enlarge) US right hand: North-Atlantic Pact. Caption: Nations of Peace do not want repeat poverty of war. J. Stalin.

This week the government will introduce a new anti-crisis plan. But, without waiting for commands from the center, the regions have already started to save. What should people expect?

Federal budget expenditures in 2016 are going to cut by 10%. Ministries and agencies should decide what expenses can be waived. With the budgets of a large number of regions the authorities have done easier. Reduced costs for the most vulnerable: children, the elderly, the disabled.

Enough to give birth?

In Bryansk the food allowance of pupils reduced to 7 rubles per day. In the Kostroma region left them only for low-income families (income per family member below 9107 rubles). In all municipalities of the Crimea refused to Fund the meals in kindergartens. Fee for one child increased to 3-3,5 thousand rubles per month when the average salary in the Republic of 18,5 thousand rubles. (…)

(…) In Bashkiria have limited benefits for large families, leaving them only for the poor. And in the Perm territory the monthly fee for attending a kindergarten child has almost doubled. In this region also abolished the school sports certificates for which the child received a free 12 sports in the month, and the monthly allowance for families with many children. In local development explain that the total fertility rate in the Perm region and thus 11% higher than the Russian average. That is enough to give birth?

Veterans ‘ benefits

After children and families under the second “scissors” were veterans of labor, home front workers and people with disabilities. In many regions, the payment will not be indexed. In Pskov region the benefits for 50% payment of housing and utility services for veterans of labour was replaced by payment in 1100 rubles, as a result of “communal” for urban beneficiaries has risen by 400-500 rubles In the Rostov region. free travel was replaced by compensation in 332 RUB “Me only one road to the garden costs about 100 rubles., – says Irina guest house Inna Krasotka. And then: either to live in the country or let it stay abandoned?” And what about beneficiaries who live in the villages and the hamlets, and in the regional centers go to the hospital or the store?

In the Kuban veterans health too deprived of concessionary travel, leaving it only for those whose income is below the subsistence minimum in the region – 7722 RUB But pensioners in Sochi and the Krasnodar came to the rally, and the Governor decided to raise the bar to which the benefits offered, up to 15 400 RUR

Wages in the red

Contrary to the official statistics of the decline of public sector wages. “In September I received 25 thousand rubles., and in October – 13 thousand, – said Lyudmila G., teacher of the Soviet district of the Kirov region – Some of our staff wrote applications in Prosecutor’s office, but nothing has changed. For a bet in 18 hours – salary 6.6 thousand not reduce, so everything seems to be legit. Clean various incentive payments: for the intensity, quality, experience, classroom management”.

In Zabaikalsky Krai in December 2015, several district schools have suspended work from-for constant delays of wages, which began in January 2015,

Alexey Chebotarev, Victoria Gudkov


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