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Committee-25: unity in the name of Russia
From: Maxim Kalashnikov, January 28th, 2016, 06:45 pm

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By Andrei Pesotsky

Gathered in Moscow the Committee on 25 January, which manifested itself as a Third force alternative to both the current government and the liberal-Western “opposition” has already caused a storm of indignation. Moreover, the first crossed swords, not those khodorkovsy-traitors, against whom it is directed, but fans of virtual games war game between red and white, fans of endless historical debate.

The subject matter that managed to find common ground between the patriots slipping from the sights of critics, and yet, the conversation must start there. So, Strelkov, Lemons, Kalashnikov and others gathered were able to agree about it:

1. The integrity of Russia is undeniable value, as well as the preservation of the unity of the “Russian world”, and the unification in a single state strategic objective, as well as a course on overcoming the disintegration of the country in 1991;
2. There is a need of the formation of structures which, in the case of destructive events will be able to consolidate healthy forces of the society, which is unacceptable as neo-liberals, and those who brought Russia to the current state;
3. Social justice in Russia is the base value needs to be ingrained in society, a basic condition of justice – the revision of privatization results;
4. The legitimacy of the new government should be based on local self-government, which should fully develop.

First, without a positive program, on the Committee to 25 (he same club, aka the Council) attacked the Marxists, complaining that the national Bolsheviks got into a row with bourgeois politicians. Supposedly this is either SR, or Menshevik, not a Bolshevik approach. People seriously discussing politics the beginning of the XXI century the concepts of the early last century, Lenin of 1917 is a weighty argument in the dispute. Similar processes take place in white online camp: EMRO (the organization that uses the name of a century ago, which speaks for itself) was indignant that the Shooters sat at one table with red Herods.

Further-more. One TV journalist, known for his leftist views, has already started counting the “fascists” in the Committee, promoting the idea that everything that is not socialism, capitalism, and hence, ultimately, fascism (the combination of market and non-market mechanisms in any proportion in this case is denied). Probably, Benito Mussolini was very happy would this interpretation of the political processes, since fascist States include absolutely all currently existing countries of the globe except, perhaps, North Korea.

The charges of the Committee on 25 January, in “fascism” not as marginal and unconvincing as they may seem at first glance. This card is already removed in the information war of the Kremlin political strategists will be Small, obviously, be drawn again. The criticism by a few dogmatists red rose and will rise to a more serious level to all by hook or by crook to put in one number such definitions to address the independent national patriots as the white guard, Vlasov, a fascist, a collaborator of the West.

The forefront of stroke is red and the virtual “anti-fascists” on the payroll falls on the figure of Yegor Prosvirnina, being only one of a half dozen gathered in the Committee. Dissatisfied with the emphasis on the wrong views of the editor of “Sputnik and Pogrom” on certain historical events of the XX century. The views, for the most part, true of false, but the fate of the present, not the past of Russia is more important than this digging in the past. Such critics can be recommended to gather their resources through the few tens of millions of rubles that Egor was able to get on the case of the militia of new Russia, and to mobilize the many hundreds of volunteers who went to fight along the lines of “SIP”.

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Konstantin Krylov:

“Non liberal public spoke on the theme, does it have something in common and be allowed to have this common ground, something to build. At least the political club of some sort, for example.

It was found that overall there. All more or less support some political ideas. Which counted three.

1. (political). EQUALITY. First of all – equality of Russians with other peoples of Russia. As well as the equality of all citizens before the law (which implies an independent judiciary), it is reasonable to understand “social justice” and all that from the idea of equality.

2. (foreign policy). REUNION. That is, the recognition of the Russians divided the nation with the right to self-determination and irredenta, i.e. the unification in a single state.

These two ideas more or less rely on the “zero”. Although among those present conscious Russian nationalists were a minority, but more or less understood that Russia, not Russian-owned, automatically becomes the property of some bad people and “we need it”.

Now about to build. Yet agreed on information cooperation. Let’s see what happens…”

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