“Voentorg”, “Russian Spring” And “Cavalry Over the Hills”

Alexander Zhuchkovsky Department

Donetsk — the way to Transnistria
From: vol_majya, January 29th, 0:14

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Alexander Zhuchkovsky from spring 2014 collects and delivers humanitarian and otherwise assistance to the militia. Most of the time he spends on the territory of the breakaway republics: a lot of sees, knows a lot and, unlike politicians, can afford to speak his mind

– Alexander, you are constantly on the territory of Donbass. A year and a half of the unrecognized Republic living my life between Russia and Ukraine in a state of war and uncertainty. In the last days in the world seriously start talking about a possible lifting of international sanctions against Russia, and this involves the implementation of the Minsk agreements — that is, the preservation of Donbass as part of Ukraine. What do you expect in the unrecognized republics?

– Nothing has changed from the point of view of expectations. All parties were committed to a rhetoric — both Ukraine and Russia, and the Republic.


– The third year the economy of the region collapses. What people do for a living?

– They survive. It must be understood. Here in Russia the crisis, but our crisis is a completely different criteria — about the famine. There are circumstances military. People compressed to the limit, the priority is to feed in the cold to get dressed. This is true. Slowed down, adjusted all budgets and needs. Mostly living on savings, at the expense of savings. Of course, are budgetary establishments, but the average salary 5 to 7 thousand rubles. Are some remnants of the coal industry. (…)

(…) – So DNR and LNR appeared real army?

– Of course, it is difficult to call this army in the full sense of the word. The unit is purely voluntary, there is no normal supply, provide, not everywhere stable salary. Here if to remove the Russian assistance, the Russian advisers, it will quickly turn into a militia, which was a year and a half ago. Through assistance, through mentoring, monitoring is more or less similar to the army.

– Units composed entirely of “mentors” and “advisors” are present?

– We are not used to talk about it. We consider them as divisions of Russian holiday makers, it in most cases. Putin on a press-conferences spoke about our people out there who decide to “certain issues in the military sphere”. About these people we say, when we inform about the “vacationers” and “Voentorg”.

– Still they are present as separate parts or as individual advisers to the armies of DPR and LPR?

– There are advisors, there is a concerted unit. These units are on the insurance and on the control. If we assume that will start a large-scale attack from Ukraine, DND and LNR the front will not hold.

– If the front will fall, someone is there to support?

– This is the main reason why the enemy still did not dare to take action. He knows that it will end the same way as in the case of the transfer or Debaltsevo, when vacationers at a crucial moment…

– “The cavalry over the hills”?

– You are absolutely right.

– It is clear. What are the troops directly to the DNR? Still left the Russian volunteers?

– A significant quantity. I don’t know of a single battalion, wherever they were not. The ratio, of course, is one to ten in favor of local. Many have left, used to be about two to eight. I would not want to isolate the Russians, but I will say — they are the backbone of many combat companies and battalions. They are more independent. They have the rear, is where to go. They are less likely to agree with things that they don’t like, and ready to defend our position. (…)

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