Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 02

2016.01.22 – 2016.01.28

Russia – Kremlin’s Propaganda aka Lies

From: El Murid, 27-Jan-2016 11:48 am
The Ministry of labour lowered the cost of consumer basket in the country, according to data on 4th quarter of 2015 and released on this occasion explained. According to him, the country recorded an unprecedented fall in the prices of several food items: potatoes, onions, apples, carrots and beets. As a result, the basket of “thin” almost on 2,5% – up to 9.4 thousand. (…)

The optimistic report
From: El Murid, 26-Jan-2016 09:23 pm
Today, the speaker explained to Putin that the only achievement of today’s economy – positive balance of payments is achieved to a large extent because the flow of tourists abroad collapsed, and thereby significantly dried up the export of cash currency. (…)

Putin: Situation in Russia’s economy may start improving already this year
From: TASS, January 26, 18:02
MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS/. Russia has conditions for the economic recovery to start already this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday at the meeting with the Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukayev. – “Combination of the budget deficit lower than expected, availability of good reserves, and low debt level — all that creates favorable conditions to expect the situation will improve this year,” Putin said. (…)

What Putin has built, destroying in Russia 35 thousand industries?
From: Matches to children not a toy, January 24th, 4:00
As I found out yesterday, when Putin from 2005 to 2015 was destroyed about 35 thousand large and medium-sized enterprises. And what was built in 15 “fat” of the Putin years in the country? To clarify this, you can turn to data rusanalit in Ceremonial whipping Fitzmorgan – 9. Thesis: “Putin has built a huge number of large factories and major infrastructure projects.” A refutation of the thesis: 1. To start with resources that have been Putin. Temporary: Putin has been in power for 14 years. Cash: according to the CBR for this time only gas export of oil and oil products has brought more than 2.5 trillion dollars. Collectively in the form of export proceeds and loans and investments from abroad in Russia received nearly $ 5 trillion. In total Putin has had 14 years and nearly $ 5 trillion. (…)

Kassander: From The Saker diehard Putinite. No all he wrote is correct but both I got no time and I promised myself not to go into bickering between bloggers (however big S.O.B.s are the opponents).
Putin’s Biggest Failure: Not Cleaning House
From: Russia Insider, Mon, Jan 25, 2016
(…) But what Putin has so far failed to do is to: *) Reform the Russian political system, *) Replace the 5th columnists in and around the Kremlin, *) Reform the Russian economy. (…)

Kassander: One of the most interesting posts about Russia not only Putin per se, 1750 comments!
Putin toppled. Who is it?
From: kungurov, January 25th, 10:00
Start here. The question of who will be the leader when the alpha rat put in cage, has no practical meaning. Although thousands of hamsters somehow believe that while the sky will not have the figure of the Great Savior of Russia, causing the admiration, no change in the political system of the Russian Federation may not be formed. “There is no alternative” is pathetic they claim. Too bad for you idiots, because irreversible changes occur right now, disregarding your wishes. Oil and gas the freebie ended. Literally in front of the great crumbling commodities Empire. Seemingly invincible power vertical even does not disintegrate, but simply falls into a stupor. The ruling party shows no signs of life in eight (8!!!) months before the election. (…)

Kassander: Longer text presenting view from the perspective of Russian Duma! Not a “kitchen blogger’s view” but told by Parliament Member!
Valery Rashkin: What is the depth of this “fragile DNA”?
From: Free Press, Open Studio, 22 January 13:47, interview with Valery Rashkin
The Deputy of the state Duma, member of the Communist party faction Valery Rashkin said that half of the annual budget rastalkivaya to kickbacks, money two oligarchs would be enough to provide all “children of war”, about the destructiveness of privatization of Sberbank and VTB, paid Parking and the system “Platon”, Herman Gref, and also answered questions of readers. – Valery F., the condition of the Russian economy?
Valery Rashkin: the Russian economy in the crisis. Mr Medvedev his companions all looking for the bottom, they are as divers. Found the bottom, and the crisis “looked around”, I took a shovel and began to dig further. So, the situation of the crisis: reduce the amount of work, workplaces, small and medium business, by my count, no less than a quarter already curled up and out in the gray scheme. This creates the risk that the occupancy of the budget will be reduced, and we see it on the profitable parts. Unemployment is rising, we also see this, and we will depend on external factors. Statistics, though, and deep, but for objective the estimates of unemployment in the country has exceeded 20%, and in some regions was 50. There is hidden unemployment, which hides statistics. And before the crash near if not will take concrete, urgent action. Today, there are reserve funds that are in a progressive scale starting wasted, but if you keep at this level, it would last for a year and a half. And then — disaster. Again, about 98-th year, the default. Bankruptcy budget, huge debts, the debt load seeks the resources, and we don’t have. (…)

Russia – In the eyes of Dugin

Kassander: You may move to original youtube then choose English captions.
“Directive Dugin”: What are Russia’s national interests?
From: Tsargrad, 23.01.201609:13, by Akexander Dugin
Alexander Dugin: Putin in interview to German newspaper “Bild” (Bild) said: “We claimed their national interests, but they should have done it from the beginning and then, maybe, the world would be more balanced. The fact that Russia was not sufficiently formulated its national interests is a mistake, talk talk, and geopolitical interests is quite a different matter”. Let’s talk about the national interests of Russia, but let us first clarify what “national interest”. In the field of international relations, national interests are understood as interests of the country, they have every state, but in order to realize national interests, to make them a reality and the necessary resources and strength, the will and the mind of state leaders. The realization of national interests in practice – the art of foreign policy. It is the art, because the existence of a state of the power resource is not always enough, not least when, where and how to apply it. Therefore, leaders are able to realize national interests are the success of the people, their names for a long time remain in memory and are pronounced with admiration. If Russia considers itself a sovereign state, then it should just be the national interest… (…)

Russia – Interview with V. ZHUKOVSKY

Kassander: very interesting interview. If you still have doubts how to name the Russian “official” economists read the text (then close behind yourselves all doors your expletives were not heard here, Kremlin sees and hears everything and everyone!) 🙂
From: etoonda, 2016-01-25 19:02:00, by V. ZHUKOVSKY
Incredibly powerful interview with the economist Vladislav Zhukovsky, which I strongly recommend to read. Literally every paragraph from here on, you can snatch quote! Not that I suffered from delusions, but even I was quite clearly not good from a looming apocalyptic picture of the future of Russia… (etoonda) *** Year of 2015 comes to an end. He has become, in your opinion, for the Russian economy? What events were key? — Everything that happened from 2011 to 2012, natural developed in 2015. Economy has begun to decay and fall into a critical state for another three or four years ago. Even then, on the background of stably high prices for oil began to fade sales of durable goods, falling economic growth, investment, and industrial production. In fact, a systemic crisis, manifested in 2011 – 2012, in the open phase was transferred in 2013 – 2014 and 2015 was another year of degradation, decomposition and decay. – The Titanic is sinking, confidently goes on the bottom. Steering in the wheelhouse instead of patching holes, pumping out water and trying to somehow cover the walls and batten down the hatches, doing everything on the contrary, only worsen the situation in the real sector, in small businesses, with incomes of the population. Therefore, 2015 is the final year of default the resource model of growth without development, the final failure in the abyss rezkoperemennymi economy of the pipe. Our economy has a certain resource, the feudal oligarchic, offshore-comprador form of capitalism in its primitive form of primary accumulation of capital. We even still in the Western understanding of capitalism not included, are in a limbo between slavery and primitive society to a feudal society. Our economy falls to the new bottom. (…)

Novorossia – Donbass

Another hypocrisy of Putin about Donbass
From: Eduard Communist, January 26th, 7:25
The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared groundlessness of the transfer of Donbass Ukraine during Soviet times. – “It is not enough to the border tied the multinational ethnic groups, in fact, a unitary state, the boundaries were defined completely randomly, and not always justified. Well, in Ukraine the Donbass passed. Under what pretext? The increasing interest of the proletariat in the Ukraine to have a large social support. Well, some nonsense, understand! And this is not the only example,” said Putin at the Interregional forum of the popular front. The comment: (…)

Russia – Political Prisoners of Kremlin

Kassander: No, not from the MFing Russian liberasts. The jailed people are patriots, decidedly not f***ing “putriots”.
Elena Rokhlin creates a “FUND for support of RUSSIAN political PRISONERS”
Colleagues, associates, supporters! Power-oligarchic system that manages our Motherland – Russia frantically trying to maintain the position achieved. In their desire she does not stop before any crime. Russian patriots for the current system are the greatest danger because they are active exclusively in virtue of their beliefs and have the support of the conscious part of the population. (…)

Russia – Chechenya

Kassander: Good, forthright description of one of few innermost Russian liberal Systems.
Russkaya Pravda Ramzan Kadyrov
From: New Russian Chronicles, January 22, 22:22

*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Me, Russian Orthodox citizen, I want to express in this post my personal opinion about the well-known words of the Chechen and Muslim Ramzan Kadyrov’s Pro-Russian non-systemic opposition. And I want to emphasize that I will Express my personal opinion on this fact, as a Russian Orthodox in relation to a Chechen and a Muslim, given the fact that Kadyrov and I are equally citizens of Russia. Who and what is actually said Ramzan Kadyrov? Let’s be honest – Ramzan Kadyrov spoke exclusively about italiaracing Russian politicians and public men. Moreover. Kadyrov spoke not just of Jews in politics and in public organizations. He spoke of a hostile Jewish-System, which like a cancer which has eaten into Russia and is devouring our country, this System is insatiable and not only. Ramzan Kadyrov spoke about idalberto*) (judeolibrals), backed by political and mystical world Judeo-structure. Kadyrov openly and honestly called Russian idalberto*) (judeolibral) enemies of the people, for it is through these scum Fucks, suggestivity in our country – the world Jewish system and plans to eventually implement in Russia the seizure of the Federal government. These geolibrary*) (zhidoliberal) human rights defenders not only conduct subversive activities in our country, their goal is to preserve Jewish yoke in Russia for many years ahead, preferably before the Apocalypse. And for this purpose, for they spare neither money nor resources. (…)

UK = UKM United Kingdom of Morons

Kassander: not from Russian gamut BTW. I read other topics too, not only about Russia and Novorossia.
If the UK were to try and achieve COP21 ideas – hold on to your hats!
From: WUWT,January 23, 2016, Guest essay by Philip Foster
(…)So COP21 (and our very own Climate Change Act) is asking the UK to build 750 more Drax sized power stations4 or 1.5 million more wind turbines. And, of course, we would need to completely rebuild the electricity Grid to take this nearly 75 fold increase in load. Also every street in the UK will need to be dug up to install much higher capacity cabling. I’m not sure the English language has a word strong enough to describe this. (…)


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