Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 01

2016.01.26 – 2016.01.28 I got no time now to check Yandex translations, I read them and decided to include in pool of interesting issues – think about them as new Russian and Novorossian puzzle pieces.

Novorossia – Donbas

The U.S And Turkey Are Creating A “Kosovo” in the Kherson Region
From: Fort Russ, 27th January, 2016
The “face” of the blockade of Crimea, the businessman and former Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government, Lenur Islyamov, claims to be the first Ukrainian Vice-Governor to have his own army. A source in the Kherson regional state administration reported on January 26th to Ukrainian media that officials in Kiev had given candidate Islyamov a new job. We are actually talking about illegal armed groups, despite the Poroshenko administration pledging to disarm such groups, according to the Minsk 2.0 agreements.(…)

The implementation of the Minsk agreements once again comes to a standstill
Hopes that the Ukrainian statesmen still make changes to the Constitution – already almost gone. The authorities in Kiev for quite a long time and delayed and delayed at all then. And when the pull became impossible to delay this procedure joined the deputies of Lviv regional Council, Ternopil city Council. The deputies from Western Ukraine commented on the inexpediency of amending the Constitution of Ukraine on the special status of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.(…)

The war in Ukraine: the Ukrainian armed forces are preparing for a decisive attack Donbass
From:, ?
The Ukrainian military under orders from Kiev left all the centers of control and coordination on the territory of DND. Information was reported by Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich. It is noteworthy that the focal points in DND was created on the initiative of the Ukrainian side and were intended to reduce tensions in the conflict zone. Thus, the withdrawal of its military from the territory of the enemy Kiev makes it clear that a new round of confrontation is not far off. (…)

Hope — there is! Club January 25 — Sputnik & Pogrom
From: vol_majya, January 27th, 13:59
Let’s talk about hope. The hope is there. January 25 in the building OD the “Ntors, managers, ideologists, gumanitarii, political strategists. The audience, in addition to the concerns of the immediate fate of Russia and Russians, were United by one thing: war. All those present showed their worth during the Donbass war: someone who directly was at war with Ukrainians, some were sent to the front supplies and equipment, some raised money, organized information networks, led preposterously agitation. Despite the fact that almost all the participants saw each other in person for the first time, there was a feeling friendlies — men were well acquainted with each other on the tube, articles, photos from the front, and even on labels on humanitarian goods. There was no need to explain yourself. There was no need to tell: “And here I am…” everybody learned a long time ago and well. Agreed on the following:(…)

January 25
From: Colonel Cassad, January 26, 6:58
Readers in the comments to the previous post reported that yesterday at the national-Patriotic wing of a new organization “the Committee of 25 January”. – The evening of 25 January under the chairmanship of Igor strelkov (the leader of the OD of the “new Russia”) was held the constituent meeting (so to speak) of the “Committee of 25 January”. Or – a Third force (in addition to the guardians and Pro-Western liberals-belolentochnye). While we are talking about information. Institution attended El Murid, E. Prosvirnin (“Sputnik and pogrom”), K. Krylov, A. Kungurov, Limonov, Mikhail Kalashnikov and others. (…)

Igor Druz. Mode rootless cosmopolites (1)
From: OD_NOVOROSSIA, 10:09 pm on January 26th, 2016
Approaching the second anniversary of the coup d’état in Ukraine. Since then, Ukraine crushed freedom of speech. All the mainstream media there is fully controlled by the putschists. Independent publicists, bloggers, journalists, unwanted, forcibly dismissed from work, arrested, or even physically eliminated. Naturally, the information field of Ukraine has become quite Russophobic, and just delusional. But this is not surprising the emergence of a completely false picture of the world on actually occupied territory. The strange thing is that in Russia till now there are a lot of myths concerning Ukraine. Of course, we have information picture is infinitely more faithful. However, despite the fact that the Russian media give a lot of truthful information, the conclusions in Moscow often made incorrect. (…)

Russian Economy

Russian Plant to Assemble French Helicopters
From: Russia Insider, ?
The OJSC Urals Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA, part of the state corporation Oboronprom) and the company Airbus signed a license contract for the production Airbus Helicopters H135s in Moscow on Jan. 25.(…)

The education in RI and the USSR
From: PolitShturm, Jan. 25th, 2016 at 7:25 PM
From comments: Achieve industrialization, the mighty space industry, excellent military equipment, the development of medicine, the creation from scratch of the high-tech industry, superior shipbuilding, and more – have shown in practice that the quality of Soviet education was at the highest level, it is admitted even in the capitalist (…)

Automotive industry in Russia is a fake
From: Matches to children not a toy, January 27th, 9:34
Cost the ruble to fall, as production of its cars in Russia fell below the crisis level of 1991: This graph clearly shows that its automotive industry in the Russian Federation no. There is Assembly of imported sets, where the natives don’t trust anything more complicated screwdriver and profit from the sale of these cars goes to foreign owners. (…)

Russia in Syria

Why Does Russia Need Syria?
From: Novorossia, 26-01-2016, 23:10
Russia now has problems with the roof, among the sources of which are both obvious and not so obvious, hidden from the superficial glance, the layman, dumbed-down media and the mainstream views, skillfully created and cultivated. This is a separate issue. Amid all these problems Russia is drawn into the conflict in Syria. Why? Will state, as I see it, paragraph by paragraph.(…)

War with Russia

Never fight with the Russians….
From: Novorossia, 26-01-2016, 20:47
Declared by the Western media to the General opinion, Russians – strange, weird and crazy people. They believe that they have all grounds for this conclusion. How was I supposed to think if any rigorous strategy from crazy Russian is completely unexpected and is an effective countermeasure? (…) But then, as always happens when dealing with the Russians, something again went wrong… (…)

MEP: Russia is right, considering NATO a threat
From:, 27.01.2016, 01:22
“Russia wants war — look how close she crept to the bases of NATO!” This joke reminds the Polish MEP Janusz Corvin-Mikke, when it comes to who today should be called an aggressor: Russia or NATO.(…)

Od morza do morza (From the Sea To the Sea)
From: russorum, January 26th, 2016, 05:56 pm
In pre-revolution time among Polish nationalists, all sorts of mazepians and just enemies of the Russian people went a popular slogan: “Polska od morza do morza”. The concept of “Poland from the sea to the sea” meant the restoration of “Rzhech Pospolita” (pl. Rzeczpospolita, en. Commonwealth) within the borders of 1772 that stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea.(…)

Russia and Putin

“Kinglet” against the Bolsheviks
From: PolitShturm, Jan. 25th, 2016 at 11:32 PM
At the meeting with activists of the Russian popular front, “the Tsar of all Russia” decided suddenly to continue the theme with Lenin and the Bolsheviks, giving one of the anti-Soviet thrust after another. Judge for yourself: (…)

Khodorkovsky was bleating about the revolution. But the Russian revolution will sweep away his enemies and the Khodorkovsky
From: Ivan Ushenin, January 27th, 7:47
Who is Khodorkovsky? It’s a thief, a bandit and a criminal who along with the other thieves, bandits and criminals that are now in Russia in power, crime and gang usurped by the giant Soviet state and people’s property. Then as a result of oligarchic wars more successful and successful bandits, colleagues of Khodorkovsky oligarch in the shop, robbed him and his gang most of the stolen and usurped. Khodorkovsky and his gang to forgive and forget can’t, still wishing I could swap with a bunch of winners places. And today, once again, loudly declares Khodorkovsky from Europe: “the Revolution in Russia is inevitable!”. (…)

Bio Weapons Against Russia

Putin instructed to prevent the spread of zika virus in the Russian Federation
From: TASS, 27 January, 13:45
MOSCOW, January 27. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova to prevent the spread in Russia of the virus zika.(…)

The CPS does not recommend pregnant women to visit 27 countries in connection with the zika virus
From: TASS, January 27, 15:41
MOSCOW, January 27. /TASS/. The Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) has published a list of countries the stay of pregnant women in which is considered dangerous in connection with the epidemic of zika fever.(…)


Tim Kirby on Star wars: Aryan space race
From:, 24.12.2015, 14:41
Last week in the world rolling out a new series of “Star wars”. Tim Kirby, who does not like to watch Hollywood movies, yet he thinks this tape is significant. Under the heading “Personal opinion” he talks about how the film reflects contemporary geopolitical reality, and why the Empire is analogous to Nazi Germany, and argues that in the movie Lucas actually there is no struggle between Good and Evil.(…)

The basic fallacy of Belarus about Lukashenka
From: marafonec, January 27th, 2016, 12:02 pm
(…) As things stand now? Now a lot of companies really merged into a large national Corporation. Indeed, the controlling stake in all these companies owned by the state. Lukashenka strongly thwarts attempts by any minority shareholders to increase their share (even up to a blocking stake) in state-owned companies, and the brave souls who had the idea to create a power point on the strategic object, generally can strike a thunder in a clear sky. (…)


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