To Twang A Twang

Decline of Russia Department

To Twang a Twang
From: Maxim Kalashnikov, January 26th, 2016, 09:57 am

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Maxim Kalashnikov ON the front AND “the COMMITTEE on 25 JANUARY”

IN the last days it is possible to speak about the worsening crisis in the Russian Federation. Positions of future parties poised for fighting to get the country out of the crisis clearly draws.


First of all, we see that the enemy of the Russian Federation in the Cold War-2 (home of the West) wins a well-matched time strikes. This scandalous statements from the US about corruption in the Kremlin and the attack on the ruble, and the collapse in oil prices, and the apparent attempt to turn the “Case of Litvinenko” in the “Case of Gongadze-2”.

Moreover, the Kremlin under a hail of these attacks is clearly in retreat. He has nothing to oppose with: Peskov statements do not go out behind Russian borders (and thus it does not prevent the international defamation of the President), but economic policy of our government such, so Russia bends from economic blows of the West like someone unfortunate being punched in the gut.The policy of aggravating the Russian Federation dependence on raw commodities is probably equal, not only to the 90’s, but to 2000 too, has borne fruits – the fall of oil prices can be fend off with nothing. And here are powerless military propaganda of operation in Syria, Ministry of Defense Minerva*) (maneuvers) and the shows on TV new samples of weapons. In this war the weapons is – economics, but authorities have become weak and colonial.

The enemy acts to lead to economic collapse of Kremlin, to crisis in Russia and to political turmoil.

BRITANIE BRECHT*) (To Twang a Twang)

Forum of popular front in Stavropol can be seen as a rather helpless attempt to saddle theme “anti-corruption” and to divert attention of the electorate “on Lenin.” Actually, this step only worsens the position of the regime.

Firstly, because GDP*) (Putin – VVP) said the preservation of the vicious economic policy in the spirit sikirov*) (syslibs = system libarals, liberasts) saying that cheap loans to the real sector are impossible now. That is, the fall in oil prices (and the economic collapse of the Russian Federation) does not stop. Without credits you cannot raise non-oil sectors of the economy, compensating for the decline in profits from “black gold”. Without a real waiver of gidrofobizatsii*) (Gaidaro-Chubaiso-vshchiny = monetarism) in the economy all this ranting about Lenin and the attractiveness of communism – postobello*) (chatterbox (empty wordings)).

In-the second, not taken the most elementary steps to prevent the attacks of speculators against the ruble. Speculators are not cut off from the MICEX, not a “Sale of currency only for real contracts”, was not made available in the 90s, the mechanism of currency and export control that have not been objazatelnaja?) (obligatory) sell half of currency earnings by exporters, a change in leadership of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, etc., the Authorities did not draw any conclusions from similar panic at the end of 2014.


Thirdly, enjoyed a clear signal about persecution of regional princes. It will take them for corruption and extravagance. They will be “cleaned”. That is, there is the split of the “elite” that we have predicted.

So, oil revenues fell and are not going to increase. So, someone needs to be removed from the trough. Who? The Kremlin decided to donate to the local princelings (kaisersoze*) = geyserites). The price of cleaning (is that) federal feudal lords should protect feeder of regional feudal lords. Even for decency does not start the mechanism of punishment for corruption of at least part of the Moscow “nobility” close to yourself. Governors – under the knife, Rotenberg and other “courtiers” may eat abundantly. Despite the fact, what protects mechanism of trapping regions in a financial hungry rations, on the verge of ruin budgets.

That is, it violates the most important (“concepts”) of the RF principle: the Central feudal lords do not touch regional ones, if those provide calm, the needed “percentages” for the ruling party in the elections and they share (wealth) with highest. For criminal corruption “statehood” of Russia it is like – explosion of the powder magazine. Stalin, of course, cleaned local authorities, but he fleeced the top as well. There is a clear choice: cut “regionals”, but protect own incomes, not skulk on all now.

In this case, fighting with wastefulness of authorities (Brechalov with his ONF) Kremlin is not going to abandon blatantly wasteful “imagining megaprojects” at their level. From the World Cup, for example.

Thus, the Center of the Russian Federation enters into the region of stronger turbulence.

Comedy, where the ostentatious chauvinism mingled with a deliberately colonial, raw-material “economy” according to syslibs – the monetarists (a hybrid of Stalin with Chubais) approaching the conclusioin. And it is very bad. Economic attacks from the West very skilfully widen the cracks in “elite” of the Russian Federation.

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