The Scaring Mugs of Liberasts

Betrayal and Traitors Department

Cancer. Afterword to the Gaidar Forum
From:, 23-01-2016, 20:17

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Ended in Moscow the Gaidar Forum, which was held under the auspices of the Higher School of Economics (HSE). “Tower” is essentially a legislative body, which for fifteen years dictated Russia’s economic principles on which it should develop. During this time in Russia, three times were monstrous crises that incinerated savings of citizens, cast Russia in its economic development by decades. During the domination of Economics and failed to create alternative, non-hydrocarbon economy. Russia with the fall in oil prices was naked, undressed. She has no the manufacturing industry, we have almost nothing to trade on the world stage.

And these gentlemen had come together in a huge number on the forum, there were groups of 4-5 people and was telling us about the situation in Russia and about the methods to overcome it. Sound Maxim that Russia is not competitive, we don’t have the economic and technological future of Russia in the hierarchy of other countries takes the place of the losers, and the winners will exploit Russia as a miserable appendage of their thriving civilization. Sounded the point of view that we are guilty, not fully provided with modern trends of development and to catch up with these trends, we need to samotransformatsii*) (self-transform).

I looked at the face of Chubais, calm as the Scythian stone statue, at the face of Herman Gref, in the end, sure Bosch-like features, looked at the face of Kudrin. Watched and thought about the fact that, apparently, we must wait another fifteen years, just as these gentlemen “samotransformatsii”*) (self-transforming) will lead us to our ultimate economic death.

Then I thought a little more and they will be similar to the defendants of the Nuremberg trials. They would have earphones on their heads, which would sound like translated texts, the guards behind and the indictment of the Prosecutor, because these people made a strategic crime. They pushed Russia into a historical deadlock. They did everything to justify those formulas, in which people thought in Russian history. They said that the Russian history – absurdist world impasse. They said that Russia is not competitive. Today, after 15 years of their economic management, they acknowledge that were right and everything was done to make their predictions and definitions are justified.

The feeling from this forum tragic. Not because the situation in Russia is tragic and not even because we saw the parade of people who sabotaged the Russian development that are not understood and do not understand the underlying trends in the life of our continent. Drama that we see no way to get rid of them. This is a cancerous tumor that had eaten into the very roots of our social organism. We still have to change economic course. We have to get out of the abyss into which we fell and continue to fall. And either we get out of it, and Russian people have always been out of of darkness, or will walk the U.S. marine corps. But how can I amputate that horrible body, how can I change elite how to expel the white panel with these snobby, rich, self-righteous people who created the monstrous class of owners, for which Russia is prey?!

On the other hand, looking at the bunch I was happy because the masks were thrown off. I saw a terrible mugs with bloodshot eyes ishizawa*) biting off Russia.

They are not to be in Russian life.

Author: Alexander Prokhanov, writer and publicist

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