Novorossia Genocide Already Officially Declared

What awaits Donbass in case of passing to the Ukrop border guards
From: Eduard Communist, January 25th, 7:20

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While the Kremlin propagandonami*) (propagandists) compose new GRE on that so well was passed the border to acroporidae*) (ukro-border-guardsmen), Putin’s Ukrainian partners do not hide their intentions, what they will do with Donbass, as soon as you get the coveted control of the border. In particular, the head of the so-called anti-Terrorist center at SBU Vitaly Malikov directly says that Kiev has fulfilled the plan of rapid cleansing of Donbass. In the case of control of the border, trimming will be carried out. However, let’s give him the floor:

— How problematic for us to return Donbass under the control of Ukraine? Do we have enough forces to disarm these gangs, in conditions when Russia has brought back so many weapons, that will be enough, relatively speaking, for “three world wars”?

— Of course, you have enough energy. Now we are stronger than ever. If you close the border, the rest is not a problem. The military, border guards, SBU and national guard have all worked out. We all do, it is important that the Russians left there and not disturbed.

Full interview here.

Comment. So we see that our Ukrainian partners of Putin does not hide his plans to sweep of Donbass, as soon as they pass the border of Donbass with Russia. Now imagine what will happen to the Donbass in case of passing the border to croporation*) (ukro-border-guardsmen). How many people will be brushed under the null, and how many will go to concentration camps called filtration in this case? Especially not lucky former and current militia members, as well as those who had family or friendly relations with them. That is why we must do everything to prevent this. Otherwise okropny*) (Ukrainians, Ukrops) will do in the Donbass a real genocide. How their ancestors made it in Galician Rus.(…)

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