How 404 Will Ethnic Cleanse Donbass

404 Department I must explain what El Murid emphasized – “have all worked out”. You can find in several earlier posts of El Murid information about the Ukrops training pacification operations, in which UAF, SBU, police surrounded several towns (one by one, not all in one time), did make search home by home arresting people, then driving them away to unknown places. They were later released but the operations were thoroughly and meticulously performed and run through.

Interview with Malikov
From: El Murid, 25-Jan-2016 02:51 am

(Click to enlarge) From: Upper house to launch public committee to support victims of Ukrainian military (Kassander: despicable and pathetic Kremlin’s moves)

Interview with Vitaly Malikov the head of the Antiterrorist Center at the Security Service of Ukraine in “The Week’s Mirror” has been hanging on sites for several days, so there are not hot news. Certainly it is interesting from the point of view of different kinds of details about the inner life of the “People’s Republics”. The fact that both republics (LPR and DPR) have become just bandit territories is no secret (K: in Ukrops’ views), so Malikov has opened nothing new – only parts might be interesting.

However, perhaps the most important thing in his interview is encapsulated in one paragraph where he talked about the fact what Kiev authorities intend to make after the transfer of the border under their control:

“…Do we have enough forces to disarm those gangs in conditions – since Russia has brought back so many weapons that would be enough, relatively speaking, for “three world wars”? — Of course, we have enough energy. Now we are stronger than ever. If we close the border the rest is not a problem. The military, border guards, SBU and national guard have all worked out. We all do that, but it’s important that Russians come out of it and would not meddle in…”

In that paragraph lies the truth about the Minsk agreements – at least as interpreted in Kiev. No one and under any circumstances will make any laws about (such platitudes of) “separate areas”, even if someone would like to take anything: Ukrainian officials say directly about what will happen immediately (although perhaps gradually) carried out military-police operation by the army, security service, border guard and the national guard. What “all worked out” – it’s also known fact. Exercises that were and are conducted by Ukrainian military in front-line areas testify precisely about such preparation and more than anything.

Under one condition – the surrender of the border. That’d start the process of (ethnic) cleansing. And if anyone in Moscow (even if the first person, I do not mention all sorts of propagandists) talks about some secret plans or long term plans, for which awaits us first “all Ukraine” with open arms, we can boldly and straight in their face to tell those people they are blatantly lying, and lying with a full understanding of the circumstances. Just because Kiev hides nothing – what for?

By the way, today we received information that the Kremlin and Kiev finally came to an agreement on the admission of Ukrainian border guards to border control. At the first stage – under the supervision of the OSCE and for the time being without departure of DPR and LPR border guards. Meanwhile. The second stage after the first is quite obvious – the final transfer of the border. When that happens – question unknown to anyone yet, but then, the fact will be resolved in a way necessary to the West and Kiev, no doubt. Russia has already lost that war and the loser always fulfills the terms of surrender.

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