Few Kassander Remarks

Kassander Department

I must admit I’m not able to correct all translations. There are so many interesting posts to republish that it surpasses my mental abilities. Yandex translation are not enough. But it would take 10-16 hrs of hard exhaustive work – find titles, read the contents, select them, find images, translate the texts then publish them and… to check the results. I do corrections if I can but mainly in the field of Semantics, leaving Syntax part to intelligence of readers. Yandex improves step by step but it’s far from perfect yet. So, please do not pay attention to my errors and Yandex style of translations – in my view the most important are correctly translated words and expression.

I’m not going to work for other English website. I like to have every aspect of such blog under my own control, including titles and topics.

You should notice I do not touch the Syrian thread. It’s huge. It’s beyond my powers, to say simply. Russia leads two wars with the USA now, if not three! In Novorossia, in Syria and in sphere of media – known commonly as information war. I have had focused the blog on Russia, Kremlin, Novorossia and New Russian ideology which I hope is going to be the stone of new Russian state (read Dugin’s texts, for example, e.g. in this blog). For Syrian branch I got no time – I read the news but do not select them for this blog. Such doing narrowed the scope of authors and topics I selected to all my posts.

How to understand all the posts here

All the “wars” between Moscow and Washington has one distinct difference. To understand what’s going on in the deluge of information it needs to set one general axiom. Namely,the US acts in mode “On offensive”, Russia works in mode “On Defensive”. Every bit of data shows the trend or blueprint. Washington sets goals and corrects moves to get preconceived results. Russia has no plans, let alone “cunning plans”, and corrects her moves ad hoc, in promptu, whatever you think reading Russian MSM (de facto pathetic Russian propaganda outlets and part of modern InfoWar). So do not allow themselves to be trapped in illusions of mighty Russia, Putin’s cunning plans and strategic moves. Let’s look on Syria, for example. El Murid writes with deeper views of the events. The US works with results in mind. Russia looks like having in mind how to torpedo Washington policy. A crux of classic clashes between camps “On offensive” and “On defensive”.

Only then the whole shebang of info bit puzzles will start to create a picture, firstly very foggy but in time, reading a lot of info bits, it will materialize in clear understandable integrated whole. So be careful and keep reading. You may do it yourselves as well. I provided you with several addresses – look into “Russia in Media” and “Authors” pages in this blog, I will update them from time to time.

(Click to enlarge) From book cover of Russian English version of Andromeda Nebula

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