Donbass People Shows Middle Finger to Kremlin

FY Kremlin Department

24.01.16 Donetsk: the Return to Ukraine is impossible – a survey on the streets
From: Eduard Communist, January 24th, 23:47

(Click to enlarge)

*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

This video post is destined especially for those freaks which attempt to stuff Donbass back to the Ukraine, Donbass inhabitants hate so much, and against their will. Despite to the obvious Kremlinov (Kremlin Lords) desire to surrender Donbass, their citizens, partly in the video Donetsk residents, still oppose their return to the Ukraine. Can you imagine what traitors and moral freaks stand those who regardless of the opinion of the people of Donbass who voted on may 11, 2014 for independence from Ukraine, are trying to shove back Donbass? And Yes, I confirm what was said on this video about their rival. Because I communicate with them almost every day. And never met any of them who would wish the Donbass back to Ukraine. Except akrobatov*) (ukrobots) that are constantly grazing on my blog, in other blogs and social networks, such (ukrobots) I have never met within Donetsk people.

P. S. Meanwhile, dill*) (ukrop) Shkiryak writes, that the alleged Zakharchenko and Carpentry*) (Plotnicky) are going to kill each other. Rather a fake of course, but it would be good if it was true. Because if these two have each other killed, the draining (surrendering) Donbass to Ukraine would be disrupted. Although maybe they really will dunk each other, to the delight of the same Donietskites?


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