American Pressure Leads Russia

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Igor Strelkov on the extension of the Minsk agreements (2)
From: Andrey Chervonets, January 25, 10:08

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M. Kalashnikov: Good afternoon, dear friends. The end of 2015 was marked by the kind of foreign policy success of the Russian Federation: Minsk process was extended for another year. So how is it defined? This is a really big win, or delay the inevitable end of the Minsk agreements? We talk with dear Igor Ivanovich Strelkov.

Hello, Igor Ivanovich.

I. Strelkov: Hello.

M. Kalashnikov: So what is it? What do You think of this delay?


By I. Strelkov: Well, considering, from the beginning I treated Minsk agreements extremely negative, first very skeptical, then, when convinced that they contained our policy towards Ukraine and the New Russia (Novorossia), I became extremely negative. Now, with all this in mind, I think, of course, that it is almost impossible to come up with.

That is, half the failure of the Minsk process not only led our leadership to think about what the law should be abolished, and it only continues to prolong the situation. Nothing is solved, it’s not really about the victory of Russia in Ukraine, that is, all the opportunities were missed last year, practically remained only a theoretical possibility. And we are talking about stagnation and about securing the result, which is now, if it can be called a result.

In fact, we can say that last year, Russia finally capitulated. If 2014 was the year, as we have said, under the sign of the ascent, marked by the opportunity to solve the Ukrainian problem, to shift Russophobic regime in Kiev, to bring back Ukraine into the Russian identity, perhaps even a general of the Russian state, in varying degrees, now we are talking about what Moscow just gave up. And the Minsk process, whatever it ended, maybe even the establishment of such quasi-Transnistria in place of the republics, but it means in fact our capitulation to the West on Ukraine.


M. Kalashnikov: Even though Biden came, like, Vice-President, then, at the end of 2015 year, and said that there must be federalization if not almost a private police force…

I. Strelkov: Well, they can say anything. The United States firmly keeps her policy in order to have the painful point at the Donbass preserved also both for Russia and for Ukraine. And they will be as a judge which follows the fight of two boxers and does everything so that none of them won.

M. Kalashnikov: Well, the task is solved brilliantly, from their point of view.

I. Strelkov: The situation has been managed for the United States. The situation now does not control neither Ukraine nor Russia — it is driven by the United States and relatively the West. However, they can change the rules of the game. At any moment they can tell our boxer the fight will have no rules and the opponent can beat with feet. Can release a second player in the ring, or a third.

That is, they have all the initiative. For Russia Minsk accord means surrendering initiative to the enemy. Now this surrender is ongoing on. We enter the third year of the Ukrainian war, which it was possible to finish in three months, in the spring – summer of 2014, at least — in autumn. We are now in the third year (of the war), it will drink our blood, it will suck out our strength from Russia, especially in conditions of economic crisis. And most importantly, at any moment the enemy can clear all the results and say that nothing’s promised. Actually it is so.(…)

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