World War Three Prophecy

Prophecy Department Text corrected.

The beginning of the first phase of a Third World War
From: etoonda, 2016-01-23 09:02:00, by Alexander Zhuchkovsky

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate you, that day has come. Today can be considered the beginning of the first phase of a Third World War. The Americans said about ground troops in Syria and Iraq. The US is acting as the leader of a Grand coalition with all leading European countries, whose contingents are involved in the operation.

Ground operation of the Russian troops in Syria unofficially has been going on for two months, but soon Russia will certainly announce ground operations officially.

This is not sort of “arrived-bombed-flew away”, this is the army with a wide range of modern weapons, and this is only the beginning. The conflict involved all the major powers, except China.

It is clear that this is not a war around the world against ISIL, this is the beginning of another fight for global resources and leadership in the region and the world. Actually this is not a “regional conflict”, and the actions of the coalition – not “operation”, this is the beginning of world war. As expected, world war preceded by the redistribution of energy resources and global financial instability.

Having contradictions accumulated in the world over recent years, the clash of interests of world powers in the Middle East will inevitably provoke aggression on several directions – at least in Ukraine, Moldova and the South Caucasus.

The only question is how quickly will the events develop, as soon as we get to sort of “Caribbean Crisis” and what China it will do. That the Middle East conflict will end in a “civilized” partition of Syria, destruction of ISIS and Ukraine will stabilize (Donbass formally in Ukraine, similar to “Transnistria”) – is no longer trusted by anybody.

Alexander Zhuchkovsky.


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