Swine Flue And the US Bio-Lab in Georgia

The US Bio Weapons Department Do not think I manipulate the info and deliberately. The US set bio-labs around Russia are not for nothing. Read the full text below, after the TASS report.

The number of swine flu cases in the Rostov region exceeded 200 people
From: TASS, January 22, 15:25

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In the region completely closed one school and 13 preschools, partially closed 36 classes in ten schools and 24 of group 18 kindergartens

ROSTOV-ON-DON, January 22. /Corr. TASS Dmitry Bulanin/. The number of swine flu cases in the Rostov region exceeded 200 people, closed 13 kindergartens. About it the correspondent of TASS reported the press service of the regional Ministry of health.

“In the Rostov region completely closed one school and 13 preschools, partially closed 36 classes in ten schools and 24 of group 18 kindergartens. In the area of 216 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza, of which 204 is swine flu, which occurred 6 cases of deaths,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Among the dead were two children. Earlier media reported that one death could occur due to the non-rendered during a medical treatment. On the given fact criminal case under article “Causing death on imprudence”. In the second case, conducted preliminary examination.

Of the entire field thresholds is exceeded only in Rostov-on-don – 34.8%. Registered in the city about 8 thousand cases of disease ORVI. The figure of 10 thousand people was 71.6, which is 73% higher incidence rate for the previous week.

Hospitals in the region are 822 people, of which 110 children and 4 pregnant women. In intensive care units and intensive care units are 39 persons, including 2 children. Since the beginning of the year, marked 30% increase in the incidence of pneumonia compared with the same period of 2015. The disease is detected at 980 people.

Bio Hazard

Swine flu from Georgia? Passions around the lab Lugar
From: regnum.ru, January 22

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Tbilisi categorically denies the accusations in the spread of viruses from the laboratory

Tbilisi, January 22, 2016, 12:12 — REGNUM So-called laboratory Lugar, now belonging to the National centre for disease control of Georgia, was again the subject of scandal. The outbreak of swine flu and the death of more than ten people in the border areas of neighbouring Armenia has raised suspicions that the virus spreads artificially not without the participation of this laboratory.

With the beginning of the winter season and the onset of cold weather in the region, cases of influenza, including swine (H1N1), and in Georgia, where the virus has already killed three people. All three victims were residents of Western Georgia.

The National center for disease control in participating in the Lugar laboratory test biological weapons categorically deny and argue that this institution pursues exclusively peace studies with “a view to timely detection and identification of pathogens causing threat to human and animal diseases”.

According to official information posted on the website of the National centre for disease control of Georgia, the history of the research center of public health named after Lugar program began in 1997, when between the governments of the U.S. and Georgia was issued a master contract under the “Nunn-Lugar” (U.S. senators, speaking on 12 December 1991 with the Program of joint threat reduction in Russia and CIS countries).(…)

(…) Such explanations satisfy the few. And the rumors about secret experiments conducted in the Americans funded the lab, among the population continues.

At the time about the dangers of the laboratory and its experiments for Georgia spoke with a former adviser of Mikhail Saakashvili journalist Jeffrey Silverman, who in an interview with Georgian media outlets have shed light on the true plans of the USA in Georgia. The laboratory was established with the intent to circumvent the Convention on the prohibition of biological weapons, Silverman said the publication “Georgia and the world”. He confirmed that the assumption developed in this laboratory dangerous viruses can cross from Georgia to other countries, and not without reason, the laboratory is next to Tbilisi airport.

Silverman also claimed that has documentation proving that in the laboratory Lugar are dangerous to the health of the viruses that are tested on the local population.

It should be noted that before an interview with Silverman about the dangers of the Lugar laboratory in Georgia among themselves secretly told the doctors. A pediatrician friend of one of Tbilisi polyclinics, looking came to the clinic during another outbreak of the young patient, advised parents to be especially careful: “In this lab, what about Alekseevka, develop strains of viruses that are then released in small portions in different parts of the country. We feel these viruses”. According to the doctor, to him about it privately, it became known from working in the Lugar laboratory familiar.(…)

(…) As has declared to journalists, answering the charges, Deputy Director of the National center for disease control Paata Imnadze, in the laboratory Lugar are professionals, experts from Russia, USA, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Germany, and not so long ago in this laboratory was visited by the journalists of one of Russian TV channels, which made sure that nothing dangerous happens there. With regard to neighbouring Armenia, where, according to Imnadze, the spread of swine flu began much earlier than in Georgia, and the prevalence of diseases is more intense. The Lugar center, he approval, no relation to the rising incidence of flu in Armenia and Georgia has not.(…)

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