Spitting In The Faces of Russians

Liberasts and Cockcroaches Department I emphasized the important issues with bold fonts.

Kudrin and Gref have embarrassed Putin
From: noteru.com, by Boris Terekhov, Policy: 16:31, Friday January 22, 201

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

Economic forum currently held in Davos, if you look, it’s not a big event, followed by closely monitored. Well, I was just “the rich Pinocchio” to drink alcohol by the organizers, to discuss the outfits of their companions and to laugh at the antics of clowns, waving from the stands with pieces of yellow buses and claiming that therefore they intend to regain the Crimea and the Donbass. So what? Oil will not rise in price, and all sorts of different indices of stock exchanges inside out won’t. In other words, the Davos economic forum can be called a kind of podium, overlooked by the other not so much to look at, how many to show.

It was nastier that 86% of Russians get acquainted with the list of the delegation that represents the events of their country. In a crowd of happy bankers and happily smiling General Directors of the most recognizable figures was the famous “downshifter” Herman Gref and former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. It is clear that Vladimir Putin would not waste his time for such event. And Mr Medvedev one there won’t let go, so as not to inadvertently offend murderous partners. But you still had to find the figures somewhat less odious, do not cause such a sharp exclusion from the population of their own country. Even Chubais would have sent Russia to present…

Not long ago, the economist and publicist Mikhail Delyagin said in one of his articles about the two surveys on the leisure activities organized in Runet. Delyagin First asked users a simple question: “do You Support Vladimir Putin?”. And about 86% of the eight thousand participants answered “Yes”. And then in fact, the same question was asked in different wording: “do You Like social-economic policy of Putin?”. The result is just amazing. “Yes,” said less than 13% of respondents. About 61% said that they don’t like this policy. While about 19% thought that the fault is not the king-priest, and the damned nobles, but the nobles. The very same Mr Putin, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion.

Turned out that almost 90% – for Putin, but almost 80% don’t like his socio-economic course. What is it? Cognitive dissonance? The gap template? Or a subconscious attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff, flies and cutlets? The population of Russia, except for a small number of obscelence*) (common people) certainly impressed by their foreign policy successes the country achieved under the leadership of the current President. Returned the Peninsula to Russia. Great. Terrorists in Syria fired back, instead of in the Stavropol region. Great. Loaded domestic enterprises orders up, good boy. Just excellent.

But while we are on the mountain all bourgeois world fanning the fire, some enemies burned native hut. Of course, the degree of culpability of each of the Pyros has the right to establish only the court. But the people of our firmly and unequivocally associates the economic destruction of Russia with the names of the people for several decades, with maniacal persistence to impose a liberal model of economy. Any sane person knows that if no result you must change the methods of achieving the goal. And in some cases and severely punished for damaging public property. The scatterbrain who dropped brick on the head of a passerby, put him in prison. And the sad sack who dropped on his head throughout the country with its national currency, in no hurry to punish. Instead, he again and again give chance to try to put a small nut on a huge bolt and wonder why nothing happens.

For this cohort, unsinkable liberals belong to Alexey Kudrin, Herman Gref. They, no doubt, are personally responsible for the brutal torture, which the first year is exposed to the Russian economy, and with it the Russian population. Their presence at the Davos podium in the composition of the official delegation could be seen as a spit in the face of 86% of the citizens of our country. Yes, Putin’s approval rating doesn’t allow you to do so.

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