Merry-Go-Round “GRU”

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The towers of the Kremlin argue for the post of head of the GRU
From: Argumenty Nedeli, Number 2 (493) on January 21, 2016 [“Arguments of the Week”]

(Click to enlarge) GRU headquaters on Grizodubovoy str. in Moscow, Date 30 September 2013, 11:19:12

“Arguments of the Week” reports that in the higher echelons of Russian power turned out a serious struggle for a candidate for the vacant post of head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff. In connection with the war in Syria the appointment became strategic.(…)

(…) The last head of the GRU Colonel-General Igor Sergun, according to official reports, died suddenly on January 3 in the suburbs. According to the private US intelligence center Stratfor, which is called the “shadow” of the CIA, the death occurred on 1 January Sergunov in Lebanon. How to tell the “Academy” military sources, the former head of the GRU did before the New Year was on a working visit in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Lebanon, but came home for the holidays.

One way or another, but military intelligence for nearly three weeks remained virtually decapitated. And it is under ongoing fighting in Syria. It currently provides GRU our videoconferencing, striking the terrorists, full and accurate intelligence information. And not only satellites but also with the help of Russian military advisers, are in the advanced parts of the Syrian army on the ground. No wonder the beginning of the Syrian operation was returned to the head of the GRU right to direct the report to the Supreme Commander – President Vladimir Putin, who canceled more Anatoly Serdyukov.

Now different groups recommend the candidates to Putin on this strategic country for the post. They say military sources, “a 90% chance it will be one of the Vices to Sergun to work in intelligence. In any case, this opinion Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. ” Altogether Sergunov had four deputy. It generals Sergey Gizunov Igor Lelin, Vyacheslav Kondrashov and Igor Korobov. It Korobov called the most likely new head of Russian military intelligence, as it actively supports Shoigu and head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov.

However, the president may be his own candidacy. And not necessarily a native of the GRU. For example, no one expected the sudden appointment of his former chief of security service Viktor Zolotov as Deputy Commander of Interior Troops of Russia “, – says the source. Judging by the fact that the decision is still pending, the hardware war for the post of chief military intelligence still in full swing


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