13% Real Income Tax Amounts To 66-74%

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On Sunday with Alexander Lesovoy: “About power and the people”
From: Goldenfront.ru, January 24, 2016

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Surprisingly, best head of the national Bank in 2015, according to the magazine Euromoney, Elvira Nabiullina did not go to Davos, when the ruble continued its steady drop, locking all new record. Probably, someone from senior colleagues still advised not to. As for the head of the Bank of Russia is far more important than national currency, and communication with representatives of the global elite, whose orders, it seems, and serves this institution. However, it is not one. Judging by the actions led by the lawyer of the government and its financial and economic block, it is not alone in this. Honorary titles the best Minister of Finance A. Chubais in 1997 and A. Kudrin in 2010 by the same magazine Euromoney clearly indicates a high assessment of their activities in Russia in the interests of their foreign owners. They have made their own contribution to the destruction of Russia, now in their place are new artists who successfully continue their business.(…)

(…) Strictly speaking, this the process was initiated in 1991 during the so-called “democratic” revolution. As befits any decent revolution, starting with the Dutch the rebellion in 1572, she was always led to its inevitable result increased tax burden for wide layers of the population. For example, when ruthless Spanish the tyranny of the simple workers in the Netherlands pay taxes, not exceeding 5% of their income. The masters, those of the middle class of that time, taxes came to 6%. After the victory of the Dutch bourgeois revolution, which Western historians usually referred to as the Dutch revolt or the revolt in 1630 taxes workers had increased to 16%, and the middle class to 20%. The new state had something to fight for.

In antinational tsarist Russia the “prison of the peoples” the poll tax was equal to 5 rubles in gold per year, the average salary in the country in 1913 was about 40 rubles month. Skipping the turmoil caused by revolutions, and civil wars with Germany, the value of taxes in a period of “stagnation” for workers consisted of income tax at 13% if salary is more than $ 100 per month and approximately 2% inflation. If we add to this the tax on childlessness in 6%, in the aggregate total amount of taxes in the worst case does not exceed 21%.

In 1991 this once Russia won another “democratic” revolution. Lower rapid nineties with their dvukhkomponentnoi*) (200 percent) inflation, crises and other delights and let’s see how things are going now. It would seem that they can look even better than under socialism. Income tax – the same 13% and no tax childlessness. If you look closely, the 13% income tax is added 30% of listed enterprises to the pension Fund, and funds of social and obligatory medical insurance. Payer there seems to be is the enterprise, not a worker, but in fact they are the the funds that the employee could receive as wages, but the government, under the guise of the law, actually takes away from their workers. Also technically it’s not a tax, but in fact this was exactly how they are.

Because now the government disbursements are in deep trouble, the anti-crisis plan-2016 the government is considering to transfer the fees to the Federal tax service. This make it easier for them to administer. But we digress a little. So, so far we have 43% income taxes. That’s not all. Another tax on the income of the population is inflation. Even when official 13% of the total amount of taxes we smoothly grows up to 56%, and in reality even more. Add to that the inevitable tax value added in the amount of 10 – 18% paid in eventually the user, the amount of income tax grows to 66 – 74%. Or three a quarter of the salary of the worker selects the “democratic” state. It’s not considering other excise taxes, direct and indirect taxes and so on. But even if you stop on this, quite interesting to compare current tax payments with the same payments in tsarist Russia. Moreover, the gold perfectly this allows.

If you take current the price of an ounce of gold is about 1100 U.S. Bank notes, even if informed in 85 roubles for 1 us dollar Imperial 5 roubles gold (4.3 grams of gold 900-th sample) is approximately 11700 present paper rubles. With the average salary in the current paper 30 thousand rubles a month and only 13% income tax the magnitude of the direct income tax of the employee for the year is equal to 46800 roubles or 4 times more than with the king. If this is democracy or power people, a natural question arises: what kind of people in this case are we talking about? If under democracy in this case means power of slaveholders over slaves, then probably Yes.

As the deterioration of revenue we can see not only the improvement of already existing taxes, but also the emergence of new. For example, the introduction of a progressive scale of taxation individuals. For a start it will be the person with more income. No one is against, it won’t mind them, obliviously to the fact that the ruble today will also be different from tomorrow the ruble as the ruble yesterday. Unlike gold or ruble gram of gold, paper ruble yesterday, today and tomorrow – a different RUB constantly diminishing purchasing power. And those tax rates, which it seems can applies only to rich, tomorrow can be administered to all.

Another option can become a tax on the capital increase for individuals. If you are defending their savings, bought American or European currency unit, say, 30 rubles, and now it is 90, then difference the state can ask you to pay income tax. After all, you as a result of falling of rate of national currencies have 60 rubles “richer”. To simplify the process of tax collection can simply enter the tax on the sale of foreign currency by the population and to oblige banks to charge him with each transaction and remit the tax service. No costs for the state, but one solid income.Actually speaking, the options for what you can gather from public funds, mass.

And the more power will be moved in this direction and thus showing increasing concern about Russia and its citizens, then the worse we will live in these broad segments of the population, but the better will be to the “best” of the Ministers and Central bankers. The problem, however, is that the patience of the people is high, but not infinitely, and can end with social explosion or riot, perhaps pointless, but probably exactly ruthless. And the authorities about it good to remember, because what happens in the poem: “There was at the gate, what’s his name, folks….”

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