“Who Controls Russia?”

Evgeny Fedorov Education TV‘s interviews with Evgeny Fedorov are worth all your free times, of course, you are interested what’s going on in Russia.

Who controls Russia?
From: Poznavatelnoe.TV (Education TV), Evgeny Fedorov, January 21, 2016

Published on Jan 21, 2016

The Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov: Who runs Russia? A part from the conversation with Evgeny Fyodorov July 1, 2012: http://poznavatelnoe.tv/fedorov_01-07-2012

Who and what really controls our country?

After the defeat of the USSR in the war, Russia became the normal United States of America. Orders for the management of Russia issued in Washington, DC, and sent via the U.S. Ambassador.

Download, listen, read: http://poznavatelnoe.tv/fedorov_kto_upravlyaet

Who controls Russia, how much power has the President, who makes the laws for Russia and why the State Duma takes them obediently, who controls the oligarchs, who appoints the officials – replies Deputy of the State Duma Evgeny Fedorov. Look on our channel and site http://poznavatelnoe.tv


Evgeny Fedorov

Who controls Russia?

Video: http://poznavatelnoe.tv/fedorov_kto_upravlyaet

a part from the conversation with Evgeny Fyodorov July 1, 2012


The sides:
Evgeny Fedorov – Deputy of the State Duma, http://efedorov.ru
Artem Voitenkov – Educational TV, http://poznavatelnoe.tv
Alexander Kurinov – The Union Of Russian Citizens

Yevgeny Fyodorov: In general, if you tell me what is Russian government – it was created by aliens, created by the occupiers. It is a mechanism of occupational control, as a system, not as people. And it is so created since 90, since the times of Gaidar. And the system is not changed, because the system is the agenda, it’s not the people – who is doing what. All strategic issues are still Americans in Russia. How they did it in 91 to (present) year (and even then they ran right), and deal with the issues of system of a strategic nature.

Alexander Kurinov: It is often said that the instructions we receive from the West. How was it? Called and said that needs to be done? And we do? Or how this mechanism is constructed differently.

Evgeny Fedorov: Indeed, and rebuilt. But did not call, and this so-called daily mechanism proposals. The same International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) in the directions, they are in a daily mode, on the site officially, (to get there, to see), send suggestions specifically to Russia – what to do, what to take, what decisions governments need to take, what decisions the Central Bank, for example. In fact, control the processes.

For example, in the same legislation: the most systemic things – the exam – it was a direct indication of his form. To change the funding system so as to reduce social expenditures – also direct instructions. They are, incidentally, not only in Russia. If you look in Europe – these instructions exactly. These centers do not take any decision in relation to Russia. It was a mutual decision, but it address that is specific. And it is no secret.

Artem Voitenkov: That is, you can go to those sites and see?

Yevgeny Fyodorov: Of course. On the website, you can go and see. The World Bank, visit the website – everything will be listed.

No system cannot be considered in isolation from the other, common system. The system is designed in a special way in 91 to this year. We hopped immediately on the details. It was created as a result of political decisions in 91 year.

And what are the solutions?

Capitulation of the Soviet Union and liquidation of the state. And, as any state which defeated his enemy, it created another state. In this case, the U.S. has created a system of control. It is a system from which there is never a exception. Here for the history of the world, and had millions of wars, you will not find one exception to this system.


Further built control system. Control system, after the Soviet Union disintegration, elimination, the defeat in war, was established management system on site which is already occupied, quite frankly. Not militarily occupied (although in the military too, the same Baltic States), and partially occupied militarily, but mainly in political terms. Accordingly, all fifteen States received a system of external control. They were created as States. Then there came experts, advisers. They in the beginning of 90 years created the Russian state, as the control system on the territory of the Russian Federation. As well as in the Ukrainian state, and the Uzbek state, and all the rest that came out of the Soviet Union. Right created.

Artem Voitenkov: The specialists from where?

Yevgeny Fyodorov: They were recruited from scientific and educational institutions in the United States of America, right by a set of – thousands of people, tens of thousands of people, it’s not something there. There they selected, prepared, and through the mechanism of the State Department they were sent, in this case, to Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and so on.

Here they created a system of governance. Yeltsin was a fictitious Manager, actually, he had nothing to manage. Actually the entire system of governance under him has been created by the Americans. They, of course, considered him as President, because it was decided that Russia should have Russian President. In the Baltic States, for example, the Americans have made different decisions, they brought the presidents together with the office. There came advisers, brought with them the President, who was not there for fifty years, for example (once emigrated and lived in America) and said: “Here it’s your President”. And it was chosen because they owned the environment and technology. The same story was with Yeltsin.

Therefore, I would say that the position of all of the Gaidar government – it was just the position of the cover. It is clear that people do not know how to manage anything, because had no experience just for this. Only took them what, they were engaged in scientific activities and the Ministers. In fact, they were just covering design, when ruled directly by American advisers, took all decisions, and these decisions were aimed at implementation of military plans.

And what military plans? To Rob a country that you won. To get out of her reparations, to pull out of her frames to pull out of it all possible. During the occupation of Nazi Germany, for example, even the topsoil were taken. This same logic goes like this – you occupied a country, you must supply the winner. So did the Americans in the 90s.

Further, if we are talking about the property, their position is divided. Part of the property they just took out, especially regarding military components and part of the property (that is, almost all major equipment of the Soviet Union in Russia) they brought into system of privatization and through the mechanism of privatization they took it out, from the point of view of property. Simply put, began to directly administer the estate from abroad.

The text: Alexey Stepanov
Revision: Natalia Rizaeva


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