Taxes Will Save Russian Economy!

From Comments Department pretty visionary prophesy. Funny form but NOT funny the truth!

From: kungurov blog, 2016-01-22 10:00 am (UTC)

(Click to enlarge) From Google Inc Could Face Higher Taxes In Russia

Given the lack of money in the Treasury and even the limited imagination of our legislators, I want to suggest some ideas for new taxes. Their advantage is that they are all European taxes and can always be referred on best practices.

In the UK, France, Spain and Scotland there was a tax on windows. Because of this, some of the Windows in the houses were immured. To the French this was not enough and they introduced the taxes and on the door.

In addition in the UK there were separate taxes on the brick fireplace (chimney), wallpaper and window glass – it was a very serious tax is 300%. There were taxes on cowardice, taxes on playing cards, watches and hats.

Cromwell had invented the tax on dissidents – royalists that threatened England. This money was organized the national militia, whose members protected the state from the hated Cavaliers.

In the USSR there was a tax on childlessness – 6%. Here we were not the first – such a tax is acted in Ancient Rome, and in 1926 it was re-introduced by Mussolini

In Italy at the time, taxes were introduced on the shadows, on stage, on the refrigerator, and on lifts…

With a very high probability taxes in Russia will increase. Will be imposed with additional taxes for all categories of citizens who have something valuable businessmen, motorists, truckers and owners of apartments. Increase excise taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and gasoline. The possible complete ban on currency but introduced war tax, tax on Churches and the imposition of severe restrictions on the Internet. Will be increased the retirement age.

Of course it will all be done under numerous requests of workers.
And also due to the difficult political situation.

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